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  1. no problem! Yes, time is on the x-axis. Need i create another variable called time? if yes, how i have to proceed? Thank you
  2. Ok thank you Prakash. I've already create the curve but when i insert the reference of the curve in the jack actuation - force the system want to insert a indipendent variable that i don't know how is it.
  3. Hi, i need to simulate an exponential sweep as shown in the figure. in order to determine the eigenfrequencies of the car. Especially i want to make a model that could be represent my university's 4 posterrig. I saw that the Kinematics and compliance model use the force to determine the movement of the jack. Could i impose the vertical displacement of the jack with that function? Thank you so much and have a nice day, Carlo.
  4. Thank you so much, i've just solved that problem. I've remade the all model and now it works. Now i've another question, i've a points defined function which i want to insert as a jack input. How can i do?
  5. Hi, i've done a full car model of our FSAE car (i literally copied the kinematics and compliance template and adapt it to my car) in order to do the ride analysis but i have some trouble with the model especially i can't control the vertical movement of the jack and i'm not able to the forms. Could someone control my model? Thank you so much and have a nice day, Carlo Silini.
  6. Hi, I'm Carlo Silini, last year I've done a FSAE Suspensions models in MotionView in order to determine the load on the attachments. The model worked. Now i'm just passed to 2017.2 version but the solver not generated the .h3d and .abf files. Could someone help me? Thank you so much and have a nice day! Carlo.
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