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  1. Hey George, thanks for the fast reply. Due to reinstallation issues I have two more installations of HyperWorks 2017 and one of HyperWorks 14.0, all in the Student Version. Should I remove them from my system? (actually would make sense...)
  2. Hello Altair-Forum, it's my first topic in this forum, I really don't know what to do anymore. No matter which model I want to run with Radioss (independent of simulation type, in this case impact tutorial of two tubes), I'm always getting the error message from the picture: **ERROR : CANNOT EXECUTE RADFLEX_2017 OR RADFLEX_2017 NOT FOUND As another topic in this forum suggested, I already tried to find the RADFLEX-file in the hwsolvers folder in my install directory, but I can't find it. OptiStruct-Solvers are still functioning perfectly. I already ran the simulation for the model-document in the attached files a week ago, and it worked out fine. But right now there seems to be this error which I cannot explain to myself. I'm working with HyperWorks 2017 Desktop, a Student Version, since three months. I'm thankful for any help in advance! 02_Pipe_Impact.zip
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