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  1. @Rahul R Really thanks for you. I finally only pick one then it can show. Thanks for your help!
  2. @Rahul R Thanks to your reply. But I can't show the value of the temp
  3. When I was use the SPCD to constrain the part's temperature. I want to check about the temperature is correctly or not. Can we show how we constrain the tem at the part?
  4. @Q.Nguyen-Dai Thanks for your help. I have a last question. If I have many layers about the model, and I want to separate them. But when I use Tool→Organize→element by faces it can't let me pick one layer of elements. How can I quickly pick every layer of them and where is my wrong? Really thanks.
  5. @Q.Nguyen-Dai Hi When I use the scale, I find a problem about if I want to scale for the distance. Can we do that? Because when I set the scale factor, I can't catch the value correctly. And it can't grow the size what I want. Do you have this solution? Really thanks.
  6. @Premanand Suryavanshi Sorry I reply so late. Really thanks for your help. I will try it.
  7. @Q.Nguyen-Dai Really thanks for your help. Because I used the HyperMesh 2017.2, I think at the last step my interface is different from you. My last step is like this. I think it will be helpful for other person. And at the last I can finish my model. Really thanks! I think it's have some problem about although it can drag the normal element. We just can drag one layer element at once, I think it will spend every user many times.
  8. @Q.Nguyen-Dai Thanks to your reply. Here is the model and I want to grow the normal direction of elements. File : Forum.fem
  9. @Q.Nguyen-Dai I can't completely know Do you have any file about that. Really thanks.
  10. @Premanand Suryavanshi Really thanks for your help! It's right !
  11. I know we can use drag to drag element from x,y or z direction. But can we drag normal direction elements? I have a circle and I want it to plus the diameter, so I need to drag it's normal direction elements. How should I do this. Because I change here, but it can't show what I want.
  12. I know we can check elements in HyperMesh. And we can also see the warpage of elements. But if I just want show warpage elements, how should I do. Because now I just can show the warpage elements with other elements. If I want show only warpage elements, I need to mask other elements in manual. So how can I do. Really thanks. And other question is about can we have other instruction to show the elements not equivalence edges? I know we can use the tool>edges to show elements edge, but sometimes it still have elements not merge.
  13. @Prakash Pagadala Thanks to your reply. So it recommend for 1 because it suggest to maintain our model's unit as the same as the FEA load unit. If our model's unit is as same as the FEA load unit we don't need to change this value. Here I think we need to pay attention about our model about its unit. It should as the same as load. Then I don't need to change the value.
  14. @Rahul R Really thanks for your help.
  15. @Prakash Pagadala Really thanks to your apply! So if our scale factor and time history units are different. We need to change this value? (Does here have any value suggestion about if the factor is different from time history) And the result will normalized? (What does here "normalize" mean?)
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