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  1. Hi tinh thank you .... We assumed the entire wheel assembly as a single entity and done 3 d meshing. Also we gave same material(rubber) for all the wheel assembly. As rubber is a soft material, we think that may be the reason for the error.... Regards Rahul Raj
  2. hi all we have conducted a crash test on a car we need to plot certain graphs including impact energy diagrams can we do this in hyperview if we can what is the file format required and if not which software should we use ?
  3. Hello Mario & Q.NGUYEN-DAI thank you for your guidance. I have checked as u both said, but the problem is that all is having 0% error. In our crash analysis we made the contact between two components by translating the nodes and equivalising them. We are not using bolt or weld joints. we meshed the axle by 2D AUTOMESH and wheel part( tyre+hub) by TETRAMESH. Is it a correct method??? Regards Rahul Raj
  4. hai all, I encountered an error while running Radioss saying that "ZERO OR NEGATIVE VOLUME : 3D ELEMENT" Can anyone help me in solving this error...
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