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  1. do you have in your hand similar example to feed patch antenna with probe and using cylinder instead of wire thanks
  2. hi johan can you upload .stp file for the sma connector which port you exsited the SMA is it wave guide port thanks
  3. Hi i have extended the ground plane by lambda/4 and connected the ground plane can i consider this way correct modiefied_CPW-Fed.cfx
  4. feko does not have a parametric sweep only optimization ,, in postfeko save the curve that you want to observe by right click and store copy ,, keep postfeko open , go to cadfeko and the change the value of parameters that you want to study , after the run complete you will see tow curves in postfeko the new one and the stored one
  5. Hi everybody How we excite the CPW-fed patch antenna in FEKOHow we excite the CPW-fed patch antenna in FEKO thanks in advance CPW-Fed.cfx Zhang_et_al._-_2013_-_CPW-fed_broadband_circularly_polarized_planar_monopole_antenna_with_improved_ground-plane_structure.pdf
  6. The dimension of the probe of the coaxial cable it is constant and it 0.65mm, but FEKO considered this value as abnormal and he sent worming message How we should react regards this message do we ignore it? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi everybody In the design below I want to optimize the axial ratio around the frequency 1.5Ghz For the probe position and the corner truncation Thanks in advance truncatedcp.cfx
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