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  1. Hi there, I would like to know if there are easier ways to select multiple edges. For context, my model has many profile lines and I would like to select and suppress them for a better mesh quality. Something ideal would be to be able to select these lines in a cursor-drawn rectangle. Please let me know if a shortcut or any easier way is possible to make pre-processing easier. Regards, Jess
  2. Hi there! Hope you had a happy new year and a great festive season! I have done some pre-processing and ran into an issue of assigning the material orientation. The following error message came up: I have created a system axis and managed to get the direction to follow the system axis as shown: However, as shown in the error message above, I believe these are the lowlighted elements. And the arrows all converge towards these "lowlighted elements". I have tried googling and searching up online but failed to do so on what this means. Hope you can help out with this! Thanks, Jessica Lee
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