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  1. hi during the cfd tetramesh appears an error message about the dimensions of the elements (to small) the min size of the 2d mesh is 3 but i ve done other simulation with min size 2 and nothing goes wrong i don t know what i have to do!
  2. hi Nguyen i m shareing to you my HM model. thank you so much for help. test_geom12.hm
  3. hello everybody, i have to do an aerodynamic simulation of a race car and i ve done the 2d surface mesh of the shell and of the box (there aren t free edges or t junction). now i ve to do the tetramesh to simulate the fluid domain but it fails all the time and i don t know why.. someone can help me?
  4. hello everydoby, i need help to generate a 2d mesh for the shell of a race car and 3d mesh of the fluid domain. the problem is that the 2d mesh fails everytime (i don t know the reason) and i can t move on. i can give u the file if u can help me.
  5. hello everybody, i need to know if it's possibile to generate a mesh motion or 'dynamic' mesh using hypermesh. i need it for a fluid dynamics simulation. in particular i want that the mesh could follow the changing of the geometry and the fluid domain. thanks for help
  6. hello everybody, i need to plot in acusolve with acuprobe, the trend of drag coefficient as a function of the angle of attack what can i do?
  7. thank you for the help
  8. i resolved it i missed one thing in the function Get (x_traction)
  9. hi i need help i have to plot the drag coefficient of a wing i ve done the cfd simulation and after i opened acuprobe (it s the first time that i use it) i followed some instruction found on internet but i couldn t plot this coefficient this is the error message that appared to me: thanks
  10. hello everybody, i have to do a CFD simulation using acusolve for a front wing of a race car. i ve done the 2d and 3d mesh in hypermesh , i exported it in acusolve and i ve done the simultation now i want to see the results in hyperview, in particular i need to know the LIFT DRAG and SIDE FROCE COEFFICIENTS . can anyone help me with some advices or similar case of study? another important question is..what kind of turbulence model can i use? i ve always used the SST one but i don t know if there is another good one thank you so much
  11. hello i have to do a case study about the external flow for a wing with acusolve i have the geometry and i created the domain now the next step is the mesh..but i don t know how it s work i try to explain..i saw tutorial where the surface mesh was created for the wing e and for the domain in hypermesh than export it into acusolve where the boundary condition are placed and then the 3d mesh was done.. but why i need the 2d mesh for external flow? and..can i do the 3d mesh in hypermesh and then export it in acusolve? thx
  12. hello everybody, i created a cylindrical domain in hypermesh and i export it in .nas and i tried to open it in acusolve but it gives me the follow error Traceback (most recent call last): File "pnlFile.py", line 323, in importFile File "pnlWin.py", line 1446, in readData File "pnlImport.py", line 178, in readData File "pnlImport.py", line 294, in readDataFile File "pnlLoadGeom.py", line 264, in __init__ File "pnlLoadGeom.py", line 293, in readGeom File "pnlLoadGeom.py", line 361, in loadGeomData File "pnlLoadGeom.py", line 1113, in readNastran PnlLoadGeomError: "Error from geometry reading module: <:'Error from geometry reading module: <no surfaces found in the nastran file> '> " what can i do?
  13. if i couldn t find it.. do you know another source to take them?
  14. hello i need some tutorials about external flow, where can i found them? i know that in the installation folder should be tutorials like this ACU-2100: Turbulent Flow Over an Airfoil Using the SST Turbulence Model but in my folder there isn t anything like this can oyu help me? please
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