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  1. Hi How to output the result file in h3d format what the output fields i have to use to get rhe output in h3d format
  2. Hi Pranav Thank you very much for the documents can you help me with sample report on post processing In hyperview if possible REgards Satya
  3. Hi can anybody explain me how to do Torque stiffness and bending stiffness analysis in a BIW also please send the NASTRAN setup file if possible which will be helpful Thanks
  4. Hi This question is regarding Hypermesh Assembly structure issue I have assembly structure( partmanager in ansa) that is created in ANSA with parent,child, and grand child relations and i have exported to .key format or .inp now, when i import the same file in HM i am not getting the same part structure that is defined in ansa . is there any options i should use while importing or exporting please reply ,also provide any script is avaliable Regards Satyaswaroop
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