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  1. Hi all, does anyone tried to work with the source magnetic field in the physics slider? I want to have a spatial constant magnetic field in a defined volume with a random material inside to check the interactions depending on the material geometry. But after i set the type of the magnetic field source to spatial constant with 1T in one coordinat, the post processing monitor doesnt show any influences on the field inside the material. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hello all, i've got a question concerning the deposited material principles. How does flux calculate the magnetic field strength H respectively the magnetic flux density B of a magnetized material? Is it done in consideration of the demagnetization field H_dem = -N_dem*M and the differentation between external and internal magnetic field (H_int = H_appl + H_dem)? Because at this moment i don't know which magnitudes are shown in the post-processing view. Thanks for your help!
  3. hi lombard, thanks for your fast aswer! Obviously it has to do with data content by itself, because neither a short name without any strange characters nor a short path solved the problem. In addition, a few other files in the same folder can be imported trouble-free. Do you have another guess?
  4. Hello all, i've got a problem with flux and the import of some dxf files (created with solidworks). Sometimes the ok button for the import confirmation seems "inactive" and couldn't be pressed after i selected the desired file. The file names don't contain any space or backslash.. Thanks for your help!
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