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  1. Pandurang

    Solid Map Issue

    Hi All, By solid map option, i have meshed this below comps..now problem is.. when i am trying to select the nodes ( Shift F2) ... not able to select. i tried with tetra mesh...its working fine.. is it issue with solid map? One thing i tried when i export and import it again ... it works fine.. Please Help HM 17.2
  2. *createmark elems 1 displayed hm_getelementsqualityinfo 1 0 2; *deletemark elems 2
  3. For 2D elems: *elementtestwarpage *elementtestlength *elementtestjacobian Regards, PD
  4. Go to View -> Click on "Command Window" You will see one command line below panels in Hm... Just type -> pwd hit enter... you will get current working directory.. please find the file there... Regards, PD
  5. change to: if {[dict exists $c_ids $conn]} {
  6. Pandurang

    interactive 2D mesh

    Hi Tinh , This info is really helpful but.. p_GetHoles p_SplitHoles p_SolidMap These are invalid commands....
  7. Pandurang

    interactive 2D mesh

  8. Hi All working on 3D flange having holes..i m trying to write script for 3D mesh of it.. process i am following is : 1. washer split for holes. 2. 2D Automesh surfaces 3. Solid map I want 2D Automesh process to be interactive so that user can adjust mesh around holes to create good washer.. How can i do this..? Regards, PD
  9. Pandurang

    Finding cylindrical faces in a 2D fe model

    try This: *features *features_advanced
  10. Pandurang

    Finding cylindrical faces in a 2D fe model

    u can try this for cylindrical faces: *createmark entity_type mark_id "by cylinder" x y z i j k r h location contained all tol
  11. Pandurang

    Select component collector by surfaces

    yes Go to HW Ref Guide..you will find "Data names" listed
  12. What is error msg ?
  13. try removing quotes around Capture.jpg try this: *jpegfilenamed Capture.jpg
  14. Pandurang

    Select component collector by surfaces

    by surface does support comps i think u can try this: set col_id [] *createmarkpanel surfs 1 "Select Surfaces" or *createmark surfs 1 displayed set surfs_id [hm_getmark surfs 1] foreach id $surfs { lappend col_id [hm_getvalue surfs id = $id dataname = collector] } puts $col_id