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  1. Pandurang

    pop up csv file

    using tcl tk...is it possible?
  2. Hello all,, is it possible to pop up browsed csv file. so that i can select some cells in that to create another csv file based on selection.. @tinh Regards, PD
  3. *createmarkpanel lines 1 "Select Line to get center"; *createbestcirclecenternode lines 1 0 1 0; *clearmark lines 1
  4. @ tinh....I have made that script its working fine for flange meshing...but now i want to create rbe-beam-rbe connection between colinear holes.. @vipin i know this commands..this only finds out holes.. Thanks for your support guys...
  5. these type of flanges... using 2017.2..
  6. hm_holedetectioninit *createmark elems 1 all hm_holedetectionsetentities elems 1 #holes # hm_holedetectionsetholeparams hole_shape=31 #tubes hm_holedetectionsettubeparams tube_shape=31 tube_type=0 hm_holedetectionfindholes 1 set n [hm_holedetectiongetnumberofholes] hm_holedetectionend using this script ...but not getting single hole... i am looking for 3D holes... am i using right script?
  7. Hello All, I have 2 flanges having co-linear holes...i want to create rbe2 in holes and connect these rbe2 for co linear holes with beam... by selecting the 2 0r more flanges..these connection should be created.... how can i do this? @tinh @Imoto
  8. Pandurang

    Flange hex Mesh automation...

    First thanks for help.... Up to second point is done ...Now how can automesh the face..? Means how to use *set_meshedgeparams and *set_meshfaceparams....
  9. Pandurang

    Flange hex Mesh automation...

    Same example script is used but getting : Holes not detected.
  10. Pandurang

    Flange hex Mesh automation...

    yes i am selecting upper surface only..but get nothing..
  11. Pandurang

    Flange hex Mesh automation...

    Hi Tinh hm_holedetectioninit *createmarkpanel surfs 1 "Please select surface" hm_holedetectionsetentities surfs 1 hm_holedetectionsetholeparams hole_shape=31 hm_holedetectionfindholes 1 set n [hm_holedetectiongetnumberofholes] I using these commmands to find surface holes...but Not getting single hole through this..am i doing wrong?
  12. Dear All, is it possible to automate hex mesh for Flange (see ref Image attached) with washer around holes (holes may more than 2) . Any idea...Please Suggest... @tinh Regards PD
  13. Pandurang

    Powerpoint interaction

    Does this package works on Linux?
  14. Pandurang

    Solid Map Issue

    Hi All, By solid map option, i have meshed this below comps..now problem is.. when i am trying to select the nodes ( Shift F2) ... not able to select. i tried with tetra mesh...its working fine.. is it issue with solid map? One thing i tried when i export and import it again ... it works fine.. Please Help HM 17.2