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  1. Hello everyone, I used for the first time the Law No 5 : JONES WILKINS LEE , even if I have the right imputs for that Law, things are not warking in RADIOSS.. The error is like if Something is missed in the input format for the material law. But maybe the error is due to some other problem in the mesh or contact surfaces I did (I shecked everything and can't see where this error is coming from). It would be very nice if someone coul help please ! You can find attached the .rad file Thanks in advance detonation_0000.out detonation_0000.rad detonation_0001.rad
  2. Hi everyone, Yes it's true I don't get only squared even if I controle the shape of the elements. but thanks for replying. Ahah I understand, it wouldn't be physical anymore, if they were only squares. J'ai trouvé un compromis Charlotte
  3. Hi, Ok thank you for your reply. It works but I didn't specify that I wanted only squared elements. And when I put a different density to opposite side of the rectangle, triangle elements appears. So I use the same density on opposite sides but introduce a biasing. It works for an intensity of 1 or -1, but when I put more than an intensity of 1 (because I would like to have smaler elements in a angle), there are trangles again. (I used the minimu size of element (0.05) when i firstly mesh the component). Would you know how to keep squared elements and have smaller elements? Regards, Charlotte
  4. Hi, I would like to know how to mesh a component more and more thinner with a growth rate like on this figure. Can anyone help me to find out how to do it please ? It for a rectangle (2D component). Thanks, regards, Charlotte
  5. Hi George, Ok my mistake, it worked, thank you very much. Can you tell me what you change in the files testgros2_0000.rad testgros2_0001.rad please ? I will probably change the meshing or other values of the simulation in the future. Regards, Charlotte
  6. Hi, Thanks for your file. I got no error on RADIOSS but it didn't calculate and I didn't get any H3D file.
  7. Hi George, Thanks for your quick reply! I use cm, g and µs. Please find the other files attached : Charlotte testgros2_0001.rad testgros2_0001.out
  8. Hi, I have a probleme when I run my file testgros2_0000. The error message: Missing "NORMAL TERMINATION" in output file FE-Model_0000.out. "ERROR TERMINATION" in output file testgros3_0001.out." appears. Could someone help me with that issue? Thanks a lot, Best Regards, Charlotte testgros2_0000.rad
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