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  1. The most energy absorbed in the accident for components with a new structure By designing the structures and properties, using rapid prototyping methods, we arrive at a new structure for maximum energy absorption, consisting of two layers of ordinary materials, such as steel and aluminum, with a simple structure (tubes) and complex structure materials with properties that only They can be created by new production methods (rapid prototyping)
  2. Jrafati


    Hi Thank's for your file. for take this result like pic and how apply the tube subjected to quasi-static axial compression? The result of this loading become pic 5. thank for your interesting
  3. Jrafati


    what is the problem of mesh?like the fig.
  4. Jrafati


    Hi 1) I try to change shape of "RD-3030: Buckling of a Tube using Half Tube Mesh" with pipe. the problem is "Step 6: Define boundary condition representing symmetry". please run this file.and why result go to hyper mesh again? After solve in this shape ,I will try to add other shape inside the pipe & solve again.(honeycomb & three ...) 2) how to take report Graph of FORCE-DISPLACEMENT for "RD-3030: Buckling of a Tube using Half Tube Mesh"? pipe_0000.rad pipe_0001.rad
  5. Jrafati


    Hi I need full tube analyze & also for Buckling of a Tube using pipe Mesh 1)how bring file from solid works to hyper Mesh? 2) how change boundary condition for full tube or pipe( symmetric)? 3) for other shape or material how apply conditions? 4) the other structurer inside pipe (composite ) and analyze together? thank
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