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  1. Hi everyone, I had a problem during import 1D meshing file from HM to abaqus. The section of 1D elements are lost, and could not find out in abaqus interface. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, Currently, i'm doing an exercise which is related to u-bolt connector (describe in the picture below). And i don't know how to model this connector in hypermesh. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hello, I did a tutorial in Inspire cast, the porosity result has shown the areas that the ratio of voids to solid areas is greater or equal than to the specified value. And i don't know how to measure the size of the porosity of each value. So, how can i measure the size? Thanks.
  4. Hello, Thanks for your answer. I read this post: Mr. Rahul said that stl should be used as a template / guide to create solid geometry within Inspire. If the model looks easy to rebuild it manually, it's ok, but if the stl model is complex, what should i do to create the solid geometry? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I have read the c2c getting started document, it even uses stl file directly after import it into the software. Like this post: In inspire cast, i don't know how can it set up the condition if i only have stl model. Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone, I have a problem when import stl file into inspire cast. When i set up the problem, the 'open window' show up like this And i can't set up the condition of the problem. Thanks.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm newbie in Inspire. When i imported the stl file into inspire, i couldn't analysis. After reading an answer of a similar question in our forum, i figured it out that i have to create solid geom from stl file. But the question is how do i know if the solid model can be created automatically from stl file, or i have to do it on my own. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Thanks for your answer. And i have another question about the porosity size, how to measure the porosity size in ST inspire cast? Thanks.
  9. Hi everyone, After simulating a problem, i have porosity result, so how do i know if the porosity is acceptable? I have referred some standard like ASTM E155 and it only shows radiographs standard for casting. Thanks.
  10. Hi, When i used Inspire cast 2019, it took too much time to solve the problem, but when i used v2018.3, it took 15 minutes to solve this problem. And i assure that i set up the problem exactly like the tutorial. Thanks.
  11. Hi everyone, I have a problem when meshing a model. It's a simple model, i adjust the mesh size but it still happen. Thanks.
  12. Hi Everyone, I have a problem when meshing a model, this panel show up. I have adjusted the mesh size but it still happens. Thanks.
  13. Hello Matthieu, Here is the tutorial that i'm doing It takes about 6 hours but has not completed yet although I did exactly steps and filled accurately parameters in the tutorial. Thanks.
  14. Hi everyone, I have a problem with Inspire cast. It takes too much time to solve a tutorial model, although i set up the number of CPU in preference like this. Thanks!!!!
  15. Hello Pau, Your document said that "As the Niyama value decreases further, the amount of micro-shrinkage increases until it becomes detectable on a standard radiograph.". So that, the Niyama criterion can detect the macro porosity too, right? If it is true, so why should we use the Porosity to define the area have macro porosity?
  16. Hi everyone, i have a question that: What is the difference between Niyama (or Micro porosity) and Porosity? And when should we use this value to change the design of the pattern? Thanks.
  17. Thank Matthieu. I have another question: Why should we place the point in that location? I mean i can place the node wherever i want. Thank you.
  18. Hi everyone, I am new in inspire cast. I have a problem when set up the high pressure die casting solver. I don't know where is the best location to place the phase change point. Thank you.
  19. Thank you, but i need the more accuracy result, cause exactly, the result is pi^2/6. I tried your solution before, the result is an irrational number. Anyway, thanks for your suggest.
  20. Hi everyone, the picture below is the sum of a series that have infinity limit, and i don't know the suitable function to deal with the problem. Thanks for your help.
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