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  1. Hi thanks for your answer! Do you know whether it is better to put in effective stress vs. effective plastic strain up to the ultimate stress Point or to extrapolate the remaining curve with a voce-equation? The Problem with the voce-equation is, that my material becomes very ductile for some reason.
  2. Hi, I have a question concerning the Input of true stress vs effective strain curves in ls-dyna: I would like to insert several curves for different strain rates for MAT_24 using the table Option, because I dont know the Cowper-Symonds constants. These curves are from experiments and range from the yield point up to the ultimate tensile stress. The remainder is missing and that is why I have used the voce equation for it. Does it make sense to insert several Points using "Load xy Data" or just up to 8 Points? I plan on crushing a thin walled tube of AA6060. Greetings, Friendly
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