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  1. Hi Livil Lyle Thanks for the code, that helped. Below code to do a "isolate only" operation by commands. I tried this today and it works!
  2. Hello again I never undertood when experts like you dont want to answer questions. Is it that the question is too hard to answer or too dumb? Or is it such a secret that you don't want to reveal it? Sometimes a simple answer like "NO we cant do that" is sufficient and it is confusing to see no reply. Anyways you guys provided help till now so thanks for that. I will surely find myself answer for this soon.
  3. Hello Can anyone help me to do a "isolate only" type of operation by command? I would like to display results on a set defined in hyperview. hwi GetSessionHandle sess sess GetProjectHandle proj proj GetPageHandle page1 [proj GetActivePage ] page1 GetWindowHandle win1 [page1 GetActiveWindow] win1 SetClientType "Animation" win1 GetClientHandle po1 po1 GetModelHandle mo1 [po1 GetActiveModel ] mo1 GetSelectionSetList # i can see the available set list with this command I cant find the way to select only a particular set (knowing its name or id). Thanks in advance for the help
  4. Hello I am trying to code a custom vonMises stress result. I am unable to change the selection type from component to elements (image below) Below the code i used: hwi GetSessionHandle sess sess GetProjectHandle proj proj GetPageHandle page1 [proj GetActivePage ] page1 GetWindowHandle win1 [page1 GetActiveWindow] win1 GetClientHandle po1 po1 GetModelHandle mo1 [po1 GetActiveModel ] mo1 GetResultCtrlHandle res res GetContourCtrlHandle contour_ctrl contour_ctrl SetEnableState true po1 SetDisplayOptions "contour" true po1 SetDisplayOptions "legend" true contour_ctrl SetDataType "Stress" contour_ctrl SetDataComponent node "vonMises" contour_ctrl SetShellLayer "max" contour_ctrl SetCornerDataEnabled true contour_ctrl SetAverageMode "Advanced" contour_ctrl SetAvgAcrossPartsEnable true I have spent hours of searching for changing the type of selection in console with APIs. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance
  5. @vipin Thanks a lot that helped @Nguyen yes in my set creation commands i need the max set id. Its for the line "*attributeupdateint sets $max_set_id 3240 1 2 0 1"
  6. Hello Is it possible to retrieve the highest set id number that exists in the model tree? So that when i create a new set by command it does not clash with existing set id. The idea is to create a set with "ID = max set id +1". Thanks in advance
  7. Hello I am trying to get a set ID number by knowing its name. Its not working (i have followed the user guide). The commands i am using: set set_name [hm_getstring "Set Name=" "Enter set name:"] -> here i am retrieving the set name by user input tk_messageBox -message "Id name: $set_name" set set_id [hm_getentityvalue sets $set_name id 0 -byname] tk_messageBox -message "Id num: $set_id" Thanks in advance
  8. Hi Prakash, Thanks for your reply. I meant, is there any parameters to consider on pre-processing in Hypermesh, before launching in Nastran? Just wondered if you have faced similar issues in the past, that you have corrected by changing any parameters? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, In my modal frequency response (sol111), i am having high stress values ex. 15000 MPa, for G=0.06. My acceleration value does not even exceeds 0.5 g (~4500 mm/s^2), in the signal input. All other static analysis stress values are realistic. Is this normal? IS there any important parameter or value to take into account. Would appreciate your help. Thanks
  10. Hello, I have an issue on the force arrow display I would like to display the "pointing" end of the arrow of the surface. I have tried reversing the surface normals, but do not work. IS this possible? Its the first time i am having this kind of problem. Please suggest a solution? Thanks in advance
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