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  1. Hi Prakash, Thanks for your reply. I meant, is there any parameters to consider on pre-processing in Hypermesh, before launching in Nastran? Just wondered if you have faced similar issues in the past, that you have corrected by changing any parameters? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, In my modal frequency response (sol111), i am having high stress values ex. 15000 MPa, for G=0.06. My acceleration value does not even exceeds 0.5 g (~4500 mm/s^2), in the signal input. All other static analysis stress values are realistic. Is this normal? IS there any important parameter or value to take into account. Would appreciate your help. Thanks
  3. Roche

    Forces arrow display

    Thank you very much.
  4. Roche

    Forces arrow display

    Hello, I have an issue on the force arrow display I would like to display the "pointing" end of the arrow of the surface. I have tried reversing the surface normals, but do not work. IS this possible? Its the first time i am having this kind of problem. Please suggest a solution? Thanks in advance