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  1. Hello everyone. I have a model with a Reynolds number equal to about 7 * 10^6. If I run the transient simulation with the "turbulence equation" as Spalart Allmaras the analysis stops with an error ("negative absolute pressure for material model"), while simulating as Laminar the analysis is successful. Can I make this approximation?
  2. Hello everyone. I would like to simulate a solid body interacting with a fluid body. As you can see in the model below, the solid body enters, through an interface, inside the fluid body. I assigned to the solid a vertical translation motion. Now, in the results, the two meshes interpenetrate, but the solid doesn't interact with the fluid. Can you help me please? picture1.bmp
  3. Hello everyone, please see the attached picture. I have a pipe that ends in a volume. I need to create a gate that gradually separates the upper volume from the lower one. In your opinion, how can I do that? I need to create a gradual separation between the two volumes, in which the mass flux value is zero.
  4. Thank you for your answer, ydigit. Assuming that I can import a three-column csv file (pressure, temperature, density), How does aAcuConsole know that the first column represents temperature, etc...?
  5. Yes, there are non-costant properties. How can I import these properties and how shoud I write them in a CSV file? For example, I need: density = f (T, p)
  6. Can I import a fluid with its thermodynamic properties in Acusolve?
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