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  1. Hello, I do have this problem now: After optimization almost every ply has a very small angle of orientation. Any idea why this is the case? In the design variables I have assigned a minimum of -180 degrees and maximum of 180 degrees Could it have something to do with radians? since in other test optimizations it worked with these settings. Best, Joep
  2. Sorry for disturbing, also found it already.
  3. I am not able to find this error.. Any suggestion? Best, Joep
  4. Oh sorry I solved it off course. It was the spatials in between the name
  5. Hello, Thanks for the reply. I tried a new analysis and this error keeps appearing: Any idea what it can be? I also uploaded the model Best, Joep EenBoeg_10.hm
  6. Hello, I have the geometry underneath consisiting out of a lot of surfaces. What is the best way to optimise for optimal fibre direction and laminate thickness, so that each surface reveals it's own fibre orientation. In my previous model I tried assigning all surfaces into a single set: But after otimization, it seems all the fibre's are directed into the same orientation. -I need a different orientation and thickness for each surface Can you help me with this? Best regards, Joep
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    Composite ply

    Hello, I am using a model which contains multiple plies and I would like to add shear strength in between plies. Is this called interlaminar shear strenght? I know the options to assign ply strenght and properties but I cannot find how to assign shear strength (and tensile strength?) in between two plies. Best regards, Joep
  8. Hello Prakash, I included a model in which I try to optimise ply orientation. The model consists out of a box and thus contains 6 surfaces. This is a test, in my final model there will be 100 surfaces avaialable. The goal is to optimise for ply orientations and ply thicknesses for all surfaces but after my optimization ply thickness and orientation for all surfaces is equal. Would you please take a look at the model? The goals is to have optimised ply orientation and thickness without having to select each surface individual and assign individual DESVAR, etc. Thanks in advance Best, Joep Boxx_01.fem
  9. Hello Prakash, Thanks for the reply. SO if I am correct, in case I have about 50 different surfaces I should apply each surface in a different SET, and then assign each SET to an individual ply. After this I can assign a single DESVAR to all plies? Best, Joep
  10. Hello Prakash, Thanks for the reply. Is it correct if I have a single DESVAR for all plies after optimization all plies are oriented in 1 direction? Is there an option to do this with the shuffle option? I would like to select for example 100 surfaces (plies) and optimise for ply direction. I am looking for a way to do this easier tha to select all different plies and assign desvar, etc. Thanks, Joep
  11. Hello, I am working on a ply orientation optimization and have the following questions: -If I want to optimise ply orientation, should I separately assign all plies and separately assign thickness and orientation design variables, fro ALL individual plies? -If I have a model which consists of over 100 plies, and I want to perform orienation optimization for all plies separately, is there a faster method than to assign everything to each single ply? -To make this easier I want to organise all plies into components and assemblies, is this to be done manually for all surfaces? (when there are over 100 plies. Thanks in advance, Joep
  12. Hello, I included a file in which I try to optimise the ply orientation based on deflection and stress using freesize. I receive different orientations for different plies, but I think to my idea the orientations should differ more than small angle differences. Is it correct I have to assign orientation design variables as well as thickness variables? And then assign lower and upper bound to it, as can be seen in the picture?
  13. Hello Prakash, Thanks for the advice. I imported the .prop and checked FE-overwrite but it seems the optimised orientation of all plies is equal. To my understanding the plies should all have different optimal orientations. Any idea how to achieve this? I also tried to review/visulalise the plies in the optimised output file but I cannot find how. best regards, Joep
  14. Hello, I have tried to fix the orientation optimization for minimum deflection. I have a few sets of plied for which I would like to optiimise their orientations based on minimum deflection and stess constraints. I have shared the model. I think I am almost there, but I cannot visiualse the optimised ply orinetation. I only get a degree: Any suggestion on how to: -obtain to optimise orientation for individual sets -visiualise the optimised orientations -simultaneously optimise for minimum stress Thanks in advance, Best regards, Joep
  15. Due to the same problem I guess I receive this error: Is it because there are unconnected edges? If so, I do not understand how to obtain a: composite ply surface in non-design space in the middle of a solid beam element in design space
  16. Hello, I think I am almost there, since ply angle/orientation thickness is in the optistruct result: I applies moments in three direction so I think ply orientation should differ for minimum deflection. Should I not also apply a minimum deflection objective? I would like to find out the optimal ply direction per ply. Any suggestion? Bes regards, Joep
  17. Hello, I tried to make a surface (ply surface) in the middle of a beam (this is a bulkhead within a composite ship), and it is in non-design space I added forces on the outer face elements and on the middle surface After analysis it seems the nodes on the faces are connected with the solid beam (design space) but the surface in the middle is not supported by the solid beam material: I keep being unable to connect the middle surface. In previous posts you already explained the sequence but it seems even when I split the solids and organize into different components it does not work. I want to organize the middle surface into non-design space, but since forces will be applied on this (composite) surface it should tranfer loads into the solid design space. Any suggestion? best regards, Joep
  18. Hello Prakash, The problem seems to be that I cannot find .fem files of most of the parts. Is there a specific method to save as .fem? I have some .fem files of previous tests. And another question; after I have performed the optimization, I can use OssMooth to recover and remesh, but then it seems the loads have dissapeared. When I apply a load I get the following errors: Is this because there are elements which are not properly connected after performing Ossmooth? Thanks in advance, Best regards, Joep
  19. Hello, I have about the same question about topology results: 1. What is the best way to view/obtain the stresses and deflection in the optimised shape? (I now have only element density) but I need to know how large the stresses are, and what the deflection is in the optimised shape. Best, Joep
  20. Hello, I have also taken a look again at the tutorial for composite optimization but it seems you can apply orientations for each ply and then optimise for thickness, but not orientation (so that each ply will be directed into an optimal ply direction) The picture underneath shows input for orientation I guess. But I cannot find it in the results. Best, Joep
  21. Hello Prakash, I managed to made a meshed surface in non design space: But I think this is not the proper method: -I first trimmed the Solid with lines -Then I performed planes > trimmed > lines as in the picture. But now I don't think the elements/nodes from the mesh are connected with the mesh from the outer shell. Any suggestion? best regards, Joep
  22. Thanks for the replies. The loads are indeed symmetrical for both part (left and right) I think you mean this? Best, Joep
  23. Hello Prakash, I want to split the solid and apply a meshed surface as shell elements for in non design space. First selecting faces as you explained earlier is not an option. Also 2D pages, Planes, Square does not help I guess.. Any idea? Best
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