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  1. Hello All, I am attempting to mesh geometry with TET10 elements within HyperMesh and import the geometry to a finite element solver (FEBio). I can import the elements into the solver but the model won't begin solving. The model has worked in the past with TET4 elements from HyperMesh so I was wondering if I was doing something wrong with the way I created my TET10 elements in HyperMesh. If anyone else has experienced a similar problem and found a solution, some help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! - Jack
  2. Hello Tinh, I am running into an issue hex meshing a muscle STL. I was wondering how you drew the outlines that separated the solid object into multiple sub-components which could then be meshed. In the example you provided, only one of these components is hex meshed and this looks like the process I need to follow to fix my problem. I am new to HyperMesh, so any advise you could provide would be of great help. Thank you, Jack
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