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  1. Hello Guys! I'm trying to perform an Thermal/Structural Analysis in Optistruct. But, I didn't found on tutorials, how can I input some structural loads, like forces, pressures and moments, working together with thermal loads, like heat flux and convection. I wish to learn how can i do this in a Steady-State and Transient Analysis. Would you help me? The model is a brake disc with a brake torque. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Prakash, Can i set just INITIAL TEMPERATURE in a Steady State analysis? Thanks in advance
  3. I'm getting this problem... Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello! What is the diference between "In Core" and "Out Core?"
  5. One thing, I'm doing that in Optistruct!! Not Radioss.
  6. Hi Prakash! I'm having the same problem. In my model, i have several interfaces too, but SLIDE and FRICTION tips. I will do what you recomended. If not works, would be right do what the program suggested? CONTPRM,SFPRPEN,NO ? But i think that will works what you said, looking my model. One Doubt, for example: "CONTACT Interface 203" means GROUP ID 203? Thanks !!!
  7. Hello! I'm trying to perform an analysis on Opstitruct. On the increment 6, the solver stopped and finished the analysis. But, I request 20 increments. The output file doesn't show me the because of this. There is no error message. In the end there is just a message "Job Completeted" and none message about the convergence of analysis. The program doesn't made the H3D file too. What can i do? Can i continue from the increment 6? Thanks! pinca_imp_aumento diametro pastilha.out
  8. Hello! I'm trying to perform an Analysis with many contacts. So, I would to know how the Non-Linear Subcase works. My model is not time-depedent, and not rise the limit of the Linear mateiral, but it have many contacts. Could you recomend me any material to i study? Thaks a lot!
  9. Hello Rahul!


    Could you recomend me any material about Implicit Method and Non-Linear Analysis? Any theory manual... I'm trying to do a Static Analysis, but have many contacts. I just know modeling in Linear Static Subcase. I would to know how the Newton_Raphson works, how the numerical method works to converge the analysis.


    Thank you!!

  10. Thank you everyone! But i'm with another issue. I'm trying to perform an analysis in a brake disk. I did the interface of conduction on two sides. And then, i put a flux on elements from this interface. The value of this flux is the (total energy to be absorved/number of nodes) ? How may i use the SPC? I don't understand how it is used. I did the tutorial, but didn't understand... Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello Prakash! Yes, i agree with you. But i would to know, how the temperature affects the E. The software, consider this interference? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello! I'm triyng to do a thermal/estructure analysis. I Would to know how the program works with the changing on Young's Modulus, because of the increase of temperature on material. By tutorials, I set up MAT 1 and turn on MAT 4, to thermal properties. But, don't have any relation between the shape of Young's modulus and temperature. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello again, I'm doing a tutorial, OS1080, and i didn't understand why is used SPC, with all the boxes of degrees of freedom uncheked. What the SPC is used for? The subcase is (Heat Thansfer (Steady State). I found something about SPC on Reference Guide. The first figure bellow.The Step 4, from tutorial, tell me to make this SPC. Thanks!
  14. But, seeing the 0000.rad and 0001.rad, I noticed that you changed the contac (You used SURF_EXT set, to select the fuel tank and GRNOD set to select the fuel) before i was using the seletion by components. Can you learn me the diference? On 0001.rad i noticed that you removed tha controler time-step by INTER e leaved the controler by NODA. Do you think the controler by INTER caused this error?
  15. Hi George! All right! I'm going to try right now! As soon as the run finished, I'll back here to say you what happened. Thanks a lot!
  16. Hi, I'm doing an analysis of sloshing with a fuel tank. The total event time is 0.7 seconds. On time around 0.4 seconds, the run did stop and this follow message appears to me: MESSAGE ID : 174 ** ERROR : NULL DIAMETER FOR SPH PARTICLE ID=21643 ERROR TERMINATION I'm using a controller of time-step do run this model. Would somebody help me? Best regards, 4_0001.rad 4_0000.out 4_0000.rad 4_0001.out
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