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  1. Hello ! I am new to fatigue analysis in optistruct. For reference, I have followed the instructions as provided in the help file and with the same model as used in there (link has been provided for reference). I have been facing analysis failure with error code #6971. I have attached the screenshot of the error. Can anyone state the possible cause for this ? Help File Link : https://altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/2017/help/hm/hwsolvers.htm?fpm_en_strain.htm Regards Venkatesh
  2. Hey Rahul ! Thanks for your efforts. The stress values which you mentioned above refer to the maximum stress generating in the system. Since the point of stress concentration is different in both cases, comparing these values does not infer anything. If you would look at stress values at similar nodes/elements (for example, at the center node at the loading surface on the center plate ), you would find that stress in shell model is almost one-fourth of that obtained from solid model. Can there be any particular reason for it, and if not could you forward this for clarification ? Regards Venkatesh
  3. I have created a double sided fillet weld geometry with three plates. This was modeled using solid and shell plate techniques. The case belongs to a normal tensile loading (along X direction as per global coordinate system). Hence, it should ideally possess sigma XX in both the cases. But stress (sigma XX) in shell model is almost 0.25 times the stress obtained in solid model. The stress has been determined at a point farther away from weld, so weld modeling would not be affecting the value in the two cases. This ratio has been consistent even at different load values. I have also iterated the element size varying from 0.5 mm to 3 mm but the deviation has been consistent. So, mesh refinement might not be the reason for this. Please anyone enlighten me with the possible causes. Thanking you in anticipation. P.S : I have attached the simulation file (.fem files) for both the cases. Regards Venkatesh 3_plt_welds_shell_1_model.fem 3_plt_welds.fem
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