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  1. Hi, I m working with beam analysis. The beam consists of three small assembled sections. I have created contacts in Optistruct profile and exported in Nastran profile (.dat file) because I have to do analysis in MSC Nastran (client requirment) but the contacts were not exported in the .dat file. Is there any way to exported these contacts in .dat file? Nastran profile doesn't supports contact formation.
  2. Hi Moghees, I have tried this method but there are some problems associated with it; firstly it appears to be much hectic when comparing it to other profiles e.g. Abaqus, secondly it didn't work in my case (bad luck), still getting same error. There should be some other way to get it done. Anybody can help us on that?
  3. Can anybody help me with creating contacts in hypermesh NASTRAN profile? Previously I have tried to export .dat file from hyermesh to MSC NASTRAN but got excessive pivot ratios error.By using PARAM,BAILOUT,-1command i got the results but the beam was broken from the contacts.
  4. Can you plz send me file containing all these codes i.e (PARAM,POST,-1) and likewise other with their functions.
  5. how to generate .op2 file because i m not finding this file.
  6. Recently im working on an assignment. I have exported solver deck from hypermesh and run it in NASTRAN but the NASTRAN is not creating punch file(.pch).Can anybody help me with this issue. It is creating all other files e.g .f06, .f04,.dball,etc. Can i use these files to do post-processing in hypermesh or PATRAN?
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