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  1. When using a voltage source to excite an antenna, will the FEKO-computed input impedance include the capacitance of the assumed gap between the feed terminals of the antenna? If so, what does the capacitance represent? Is it the capacitance of a hollow cylinder, or the capacitance of a solid cylinder, or something different? Feed gaps are tricky...
  2. Perfect! Running FEKO in sequential mode produced a single .mat file that I was able to read using the mat2ascii utility. Your help fixed my problem in a jiffy. If it helps anyone else, I managed to find a workaround that I used before this fix. I needed the complete NxN Y-parameter matrix of my antenna. But with one driving port (call it port p), the FEKO .out file only gives me one row/column of the Y-parameter matrix Y(:,p) = Y(p,:). So what I did was to create N ports on the structure (one on every segment of interest). I then ran the mesher once and adjusted its settings so that the segments were centered on my ports. (This worked except for the ports at the very tips of the antenna). I then ran N simulations, enabling only one port at a time. After each simulation, I extracted the single row/column of the Y-parameter matrix from the .out file, until I had the complete NxN matrix. Admittedly not very elegant, but it worked. Now that the mat2ascii utility is working, I will use that instead. Thanks Jif
  3. Yes, I want the .mat file that the FEKO solver exports. I tried using the mat2ascii utility on my .mat files (.mat.0, .mat.1, .mat.2 and .mat.3) but the utility just returns an empty matrix (no data, and it says that the size of the matrix is 4 x -1). My simulation is just a center-fed dipole. I get a good .out file, but I am really having trouble accessing the .mat file. Thanks
  4. Running POSTFEKO v2017.1.1-303889 build 2017-05-17 on a 64-bit Windows machine. Is there a way to import .mat data into Postfeko? Release notes for 300391 state "Improved options are available to read data from *.mat file and to manipulate the imported data." but I don't see these options. I would like to have access to the complete Y-matrix (or Z-matrix) instead of just the single column/row that is available in the .out file.
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