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  1. Hello everyone, For the first time we are working with series of radioss files. At a given time of the calculation , for example at t=10s, we would like to continue the calculation by deleting a component. The reason is that this componenet is RDX gaz and is causing problems at the interfaces at a time he is no longer important in our model. In the HELP documentation we found that it was possible to delete a defined set or list of elements, but we are trying to delete an entire component, If any one could help us please ! In the new file of calculation _002.rad we want to use /DEL/????? for example like /DEL/Component
  2. Thanks ! Just one last question, how can I open the imput files in tutorial examples : <install_directory>/demos/hwsolvers/radioss/50_invol_and_fluid_structure_interaction/fsi_drop_container*
  3. Do you think using a TYPE 2 for my ALE/LAGRANGIAN interface is correct ? TYPE 1 and TYPE 18 could work but the wave is not spraying...
  4. Hello everyone, I have a very similar problem where the interface TYPE 12 is not working at all ! I am working on a model with an interface between RDX(ALE) and a metal(LAGRANGIAN). I am trying in vain..to use Interface TYPE 12. You can find attached the files of my simulation. Could you please help ? ALE_0001.out ALE_0000.out ALE_0000.rad ALE_0001.rad deto_ALE.hm
  5. Hello, Using TYPE 12 I can only assign contact surfaces for both Master and Slave. It's not possible to assign a set of nodes or elements directely. Can you please explain what you mean by " For the master and slave create a surface set first and assign the same to the interface " I am not sure I got your point.
  6. Hello again, Thanks for your answer. Actually, I tried all of these 4 TYPES (and also read carefully all the description detailed in ALTAIT HELP)... but none is working correctly so I am desperate!
  7. Hello, I have the same kind of problem : ERROR 760 when i try to ise TYPE 12. If you can help please. ALE_0000.out ALE_0000.rad ALE_0001.rad
  8. Hello all, I am working on a model with an interface between RDX and a metal. With all Lagrangian it works correctly ! So I was expecting to get better results with RDX ALE and metal LAGRANGIAN, but I am getting negative volumes ERROR very quickly... I tried all the Interfaces Types for ALE/LAGRANGIAN but none of them is working correctly for my model. Did anyone know about this problem ? You can find attached the files of my simulation. Thank you in advance for your help ALE_0001.out ALE_0000.out ALE_0000.rad ALE_0001.rad deto_ALE.hm
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