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  1. thanks sanjay But what are the vector elements.... I cant select any node, line, point.... so which is vector...
  2. Hi sir, In hypermesh how to use arc node and vector tool how to select vector.... pls quick reply.....
  3. Hi sanjay, when I create a new model and create a material like steel but previous model material as shown on window. so how to clear the older model details in the current or new model... I hope u understand my word... Thanks to reply.
  4. cool, I will start a new model but the older model details shown defaultly... so how to format the older details...
  5. Hi Sir, how to clear the older datas in hypermesh like as material, properties and other details in previous session...
  6. Thank you for Ur Quick reply//
  7. Hi sir, Yes , I got it
  8. Hi sir, I was also modeling the simplest model possible. just the axial load on a 2d rod. and I received the same error. I switched profiles but it did not resolved the problem. I have totally two elements, and the MHCPLL. nothing complicated. here is the error *** ERROR # 2372 *** No PWELD properties exist in the bulk data. *** ERROR 14: Missing property # 1 referenced by CWELD # 1.
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