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  1. Hi, Is there a TCL command to identify if 1d elements exist in current model? Many thanks,
  2. MattMc

    Detecting Unconnected rigids

    That worked great thanks. Also found that in tcl script *createmark elems 1 "all" *createmark elems 2 *elementtestfree1d elems 1 2 Find elements with free nodes and : *createmark elems 1 "all" *createmark nodes 2 *elementtestfree1d nodes 1 2 Thanks for your help
  3. MattMc

    Detecting Unconnected rigids

    Sure, unless there is an easier method?
  4. Hi I'm trying to find a good method to find unconnected rigid elements. (rbe3) I thought I could find the list of nodes of the rbe3 elements then search through the list of nodes highlighting any that are only attached to one element. Unfortunately the model with RBE I have as test has a large amount of nodes in its RBEs and is taking 30 mins and counting to search through the nodes. Is there a faster method that I could be using. Many thanks
  5. Hi, We would purely like to keep a track of when a user uses a certain tcl script. So the thought is to keep track of script stats in a small db. Many thanks
  6. Is there a method in Hypermesh, so that tcl scripts can interface with a database (mysql)? Many thanks in advance,
  7. MattMc

    How to be Notified about updates

    Is that the same for any bugfixes/enhancements etc. we just need to keep checking the site? I know of Altair connect, which should alert me about when there are suitable updates. I was wondering if there is a alerting email we can subscribe to which would send notification when there has been an update? Thanks Matt
  8. MattMc

    How to be Notified about updates

    Hi Nguyen-Dai, Do you get notified from the site or you need to keep checking? Thanks
  9. Hi, How do people best get updated when new releases/ patches bug fixes get released? i.e. I'm waiting for Hyperview to support Abaqus 2018 odb's. When would this get released and how do I know when it has been released? Many thanks,