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  1. Thank you for your reply ı share my model with you and show thickness. it is may be T max value. İs it true? I want to compressive analysis why I need T value . Why is it use.
  2. Hı everyone, I want to do compressive analysis with optistruct. My compenent is Sheell so I used to PSHELL card. But the program want from me T parameter. I know T is Thickness and shoul be greater than one. but I dont know is it component thickness or other somethink. How do I adjust it. Thank you. .
  3. Hı everyone, I want to do lattice optimization with the second type lattice structure. The analysis has resulted, but mass is increasing according to not optimization model, fisrt model. So lattice optimization is heavier than fist model. I think it should not be that way. Thank you.
  4. Hı everyone, I want to do fatigue analysis. After Lattice Optimization, my model has 1d beams. How to convert from 1d element to shell element. Thank you
  5. Hı @leox, Could you help me for convert to STL or IGES from fem. Thank you.
  6. Hı everyone, Does the analysis result of lattice structure elements such as element stress and displacement need to be different? Because a different type of lattice structures are available in the model. But when I checked my results, I have the same results for all types of the lattice structure. Also, Lattice 1and 3 have the same mass and Lattice 2 and 4 have the same mass. I can't understand it. I share my results. Could you help me?
  7. Thank you @Prakash Pagadala I can reduce the design space. But how can I do it?
  8. Hı @Prakash Pagadala I sent you the last edited version of the model. Thank you.
  9. Hı @Prakash Pagadala Did you try the file, I shared with you? I have tried for topology and solved. But, for lattice optimization don't solve. Maybe due to my version. Could you solve it with your program? I wonder, it will be solved or not. Thank you.
  10. Hı @Prakash Pagadala Did you check my file? Thank you.
  11. Hı @Prakash Pagadala I'm using the 2017.2 version. I use volume fraction and the upper bound is 0.4 for constraint. minimize compliance for objective.
  12. Hı @Prakash Pagadala Yes I tried. But this is a different topic. The file, you share with me about another topic.
  13. Hı @Prakash Pagadala Did the news come about my problem?
  14. Thank you @Prakash Pagadala But the same problem occurred. I changed the constraint value that was used in the first phase. I hope it's true.
  15. Hı @Prakash Pagadala I shared my model. Could you see?
  16. Hı everyone, I want the part of the model to contain a completely lattice structure. But my model are empty places. Could you help me?
  17. Hı @Prakash Pagadala Did you find any solution?
  18. Hı @Prakash Pagadala Yes, I noticed. Due to I use different structure , the displacement value need to change. is it?
  19. Hı @Prakash Pagadala There is only busra_final.fem file. I can't see busra_final_lattice.fem.
  20. Of course @Prakash Pagadala busra_final.out
  21. Of course @Prakash Pagadala, I shared it using the https://ftam1.altair.com/filedrop/~Ce4god link. Thank you.
  22. Hı everyone, We are trying to do lattice optimization with different types. We tried every way, we thought. And we get different errors every time. Finally we have made the hexa mesh using another program. And then solved in Optistruct. Although there is no problem in the solution, the lattice.fem file does not occur. Could you help me? Thank you.
  23. Hı everyone, I am trying to do lattice optimization with different types. I'm using hex mesh for design and tetra mesh for non-design. I I can see the different types of lattice in the design structure. But when I check the displacement values, I don't see any difference. Can you help me for this problem? controlarm.pptx
  24. Thank you for helping, @Prakash Pagadala I have tried, but I could not create the correct geometry. Sorry, could you please explain more detail?
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