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  1. I have uploaded the model file on the linked site.
  2. Hi all, I am a beginner here. I am trying to create a contact between a tank and its support (an interface). What should I look out for? What parameters will tell me its a good connection or I have made an error. and what kind of checks can I perform before the actual analysis? As of right now, after the interface, when I apply a force on the tank, the contours do not show up on the support even if a increase the load considerably which tells me somoething is not right with the connection between the two parts. I import the tank and support in the same file but as different parts and I then I use solidmap mesh on the two parts separately and equivalence the nodes. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi Ahmed, My search for the solution to this problem has led to only one very vague method and it is very time consuming. Especially if the geometry of the contact surface is not regular i.e. curved in more than 1 axis. Even I myself can't get it to work everytime. Maybe someone else can shed some more light on this. It involves manually selecting the MASTER elements and SLAVE elements and then defining their contacts by MANUALLY selecting the node pairs. I don't know if that is what you're looking for but that's the closest thing I have seen in HyperMesh Nastran Profile. It is in the interfaces tab. Following this thread so someone can guide better.
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