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  1. Thank you Q.Nguyen-Dai, I've finally managed to do it right. best regards
  2. Dear Hyperview users, i'm doing a static analysis on a fortran code and i want to visualize results graphically using Hyperview, the problem is that the structure info are in .'"dat" format so i need to transform it into hwascii file in order to import in Hyperview; is there any software that can do this job ?
  3. Dear Mr. Q.Nguyen-Dai, Hope you are doing great, I have some issues concerning the topic we discussed earlier and I hope you can assist me with the matter; could you please provide me with a video describing in details the method you used to create the mesh from the data file as well as visualizing results using Hyperview. thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from u soon. best regards.
  4. Nice, I'll try to give it a shot so that i can plot stresses;; thank you a lot Q.Nguyen-Dai
  5. u hit the nail on the head, that's exactly what i need hhh very nice dude. how can i convert my output file to .h3d? are there available materials about that? I know that i've been asking questions all day,
  6. First things first, thank you for your reply Mr.Q.Nguyn-dai could you show me how can i build and HWASCII output from my results? by the way, I am not very acquainted with Hyperview Thank you in advance.
  7. I'm working on a Finite Element Fortran code(it is not very common) where the output results are in *.dat format; is there a way to visualize the results(stress,strain...) using Hyperview? knowing that I have the node coordinates, element connectivity and of course the results of stress and strain at each node(see the file attached). if it is not the case, is there any other software that does the trick. thank you very much input.dat output.res
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