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  1. Hi , You can install DPD addon on top of Embed. Here is a video of buck converter. https://learn.solidthinking.com/embed-videos/buck-converter-series/overview/ Please signup at the below link to download the DPD addon. https://www.altair.com/mbd2019/embed/ Regards, Girish
  2. Hi , Codegen is not supported for integrator block when used with Arduino .The attached diagram uses a integrator block so it fails to compile. Regards, Girish
  3. Hello, As per the errors I see that compiler is not found. Have you installed Arduino IDE prior to installing Embed?? Attached installation guide of Embed . Regards, Girish Embed Installation Guide.pdf
  4. Hi , I have attached the modified diagram. Please refer. Regards, Girish Example_a_modified.vsm
  5. Hi Chinmaya, I'm not sure about your requirement . Try using Transfer function block and provide the denominator value to 1 0 and choose discrete on the dialog. Regards, Girish
  6. Hi Chinmaya, The ADC block will output constant values between 0 to 1 . I have attached the example video of how the ADC values being read from potentiometer to control the motor using Arduino. Similarly you can use it for TI board with the earlier diagram attached. Let me know if you still face the issues. Regards, Girish ch2_Video_PotentiometerControlledMotor.mp4
  7. Hi Chinmaya, If you are trying to read the ADC values and plot it against time then you can directly use the ADC block output .Create a compound block with ADC block output and run it in HIL. Please use the attached diagram to read the ADC values and plot the value . Regards, Girish ADCtestF28069.vsm ADCtestF28069-d.vsm
  8. Hi Chinmaya, Can you send me your diagram ?? It would be easier to check. Regards, Girish
  9. Hi, Could you please elaborate more on your query?? What application you are trying to use Embed?? Could you please provide your name and contact details ?? Regards, Girish
  10. Hi, If you trying to control the motor there are different examples (Embedded>>Examples>>Digital Motor Control)which involves PI controller implementation. Please share your .vsm files if you are facing any issues. Regards, Girish
  11. Hi, Here is a simple example of configuring the one board as master and other as slave. Master diagram will be sending the data to a slave (address 10) continuously . This needs dumped onto flash using uniflash software. Slave diagram will receive the data from the master . In this diagram set the own address as 10 in I2C config dialog. Generate the code by selecting the compound block and run the slave diagram . Data received should be same as the data sent in Master diagram(in decimal). Let me know if you are facing any issues. Regards, Girish Slave.vsm Master.vsm
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