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  1. can you please elaborate your answer.I am not getting your point.
  2. Sir can you tell me ,how can i calculate th6 NODED 11 MEMBERS TRUSS.hme weight of members of the optimised truss in the result window?I am attaching my file for you.
  3. Sir can you tell me ,how can i calculate the weight of members of the optimised truss?I am attaching my file for you. 6 NODED 11 MEMBERS TRUSS.hm
  4. SIR, A new windows opens when we click on optistruct button , but it took nothing any file from the folder.I am attaching the image.please guide me how to get the optimized tower in the window which is shown in tutorials.
  5. SIR I am not getting your point.Can you please elaborate??what & how to do?I am using student license version.
  6. SIR, My aim is to do the size optimization of the Tower of Rod Element.The end results only shows output of Result Type as displacement & stresses not of element thickness or radius.What to do?can i do the size optimization over the problem or is it not possible.Please resolve the problem. SIZE-01.fem SIZE-01.hm SIZE-01.mvw
  7. Sir, Please do the favour. solve the problem
  8. Sir, The end objective is to minimise the size of rod for the apply loads.Hence the truss has reduced size of members i. e. rod element.
  9. Sir, I have done what i can do.But the same error exists or the result window shows the results as shown above,only displacement & stresses.Not doing size optimization in the truss file.Please suggest some remedy or solved the model by yourself.It will be your very kind.
  10. Sir, Please do the favor. please do resolve the problem asap.
  11. Sir, I am trying my best to get results but everytime a error or something new appears as described above.Please solve the problem in size optimization.I have declared everything according to the tutorials.I want to reduce the area of element i.e. rod.I am attaching my file for you SIZE OPTIMIZATION-TRUSS.fem
  12. Sir, In my software the toggle option for thickness does not appears in generic relationship of design variable of size optimization.I don't know why ?what to do then.?
  13. Sir, After Size optimization ,the resulting window only shows Displacement & stress in Result type tool.It shows Analysis type of window as such we do in analysis having iteration only 2 in no.
  14. Sir, I have followed the tutorial & do as it taught me. But what to do in generic Relationship in my case I am not clarify in it.what is design parameter. I want to do size optimization in my problem, reducing the size of element is my aim.
  15. Hii Sir, Thanks for your valuable advice for Topology Optimization of Truss.But If I do the same problem for size Optimization the error message appears "ERROR # 568 *** There are no topology nor referenced design variables.Use the ANALYSIS keyword to perform analysis only." Please do the needful I am attaching my files. SIZE OPTIMISATION01.fem SIZE OPTIMISATION01.hm
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