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  1. Can you please share what the problem was and how you solved it? Thank you.
  2. Since you are using a different solver than Altair HyperWorks, it is hard to answer. Was it an implicit or explicit calculation in Abaqus?
  3. hyperlove


    I have two questions: 1. Can we create a skew coordinate system at somewhere which has some distance away from the torque-applying nodes (They are included in a GRNOD set) and choose XX of this skew as the Direction in/CLOAD card? What is really happening if a torque is defined like this? 2. For instance, I have 100 nodes that need to take a total of 200 N*mm torque. But I don't want to use RBE2 or RBODY to create this torque because rigid element will make all its connected nodes become a rigid body causing unwanted stiffing effects to a deformable part. How to maintain the original deformablity of a part but a torque can be defined on it? Thank you.
  4. Yes. ICOG=3 in the /RBODY keyword should be the solution.
  5. Hello, In Radioss, how to create a torque that is a function (curve) of rotational speed of a certain element node? This node is on a component which is driven by other components. In the process of this explicit analysis, this component's rotational speed is not constant and depends on contacts with other driving components. Can you advise how to create such a torque? Thank you.
  6. Hello, I saw a previous thread in this forum asking for help about an off-center 20-layer spring deformation problem. The location of that thread is here: I wanted to continue that question, but with a spring meshed with solid elements (Not shell elements). ---1st Q---: How to define self contact of a spring meshed with solid elements (because every two adjacent layers will be in contact during spring compression)? ---2nd Q---: Can OptiStruct NLSTAT with LGDISP=1 work out such highly geometric non-linear solid-meshed spring deformation problem? For example, the analysis in that previous thread was trying to solve an 120-degree rotational displacement loadcase, but was ended with weird final deformation. Thank you.
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