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  1. Hi everyone, I followed all these steps to export the model from Hypermesh to Ansys, however some type of elements can not show correctly on Ansys Workbench. For instance 1D elements like rigids, beams, rod or spring elements. Moreover forces and constraints don't appear in Ansys but they are written on the file .cdb from Hypermesh. I found sensors for shell, rod, beam and spring elements, but rigid elements (CERIG) are not read by Ansys Workbench. Can you help me to solve this problem? I need to have the same model in Hypermesh and Ansys Workbench. Thanks for your time. Álvaro.
  2. Hello Everyone, I have a complete model in Hypermesh: components, mesh, materials, properties, .... I would like to export that model from Hypermesh to Ansys Workbench, so that someone who does not work with Hypermesh can use Workbench. Firstly, I followed the tutorial HM-4410 from Hypermesh Help (https://altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw13.0/help/hm/introduction_to_ansys_model_setup_-_hm-4410.htm?toc=0&printWindow). Then, I added sensors for different types of elements and I export a .cdb file; as you can read in the tutorial. Later, I imported the flie .cdb to Ansys Workbench following a You Tube video (How to import Meshed file from hypermesh to ansys). However, when I open the Model clicking twice on the tap Finite Element Modeler, Ansys can't show all type of elements specifically elements 1D (mass, rod, beam, rigids, etc). In my case, the model has rigid, spring, shell, rod and beam elements; so I am reading in several tutorials and forums that rigid elements don't need a sensor but Ansys can't read them. My question is: what do I have to do to get an identical model in hypermesh and ansys? The pictures below show a simple model with that problem. In the first one you can see the hypermesh model with 1580 nodes and 1498 elements (shell, rigid, mass), and the other two pictures depict the ansys model (Finite element model). Ansys model has 1580 nodes and 1495 elements, so the three rigids elements (CERIG) haven not been read. Thank you for your time.
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