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  1. Ok . Now i'm going to try with 2017 version . i have 2 questions mentioned it below. had a doubt , is their anything i have to look into while running transient flow analysis? and also do i need to change the steady flow to transient?
  2. Dear Ganesh, Thank You, I will try this approach also and let you know. Just few minutes back, I found an approach to restart the run, but I'm not clear with the options used in. But it is working. Warm Regards, Arun Prasanth
  3. how to restart a run when it is stopped before completion?
  4. Thank You, As I'm new to CFD . I'm not that much familiar with choosing turbulence model, can I get any notes regarding choosing the best suitable turbulence model for different applications?
  5. hi Im using acusolve 2013 , i want to know what turbulence model should i use for the transient flow
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