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  1. Sourabh13

    Transmission/ Reflection Co-efficient in FEKO.

    Hello JIF, Do we get power reflection/ transmission co-efficients or incident wave reflection/ transmission co-efficients ?
  2. Want to know if my thinking is right. : If I introduce a plane wave excitation on planar dielectric layers, and request for a transmission/ reflection co-efficient, The transmission co-efficient that I see is the total transmission into the last infinite medium and the reflection is the waves getting reflected back into the first infinite medium from which the plane waves originated.
  3. I recently saw a presentation from FEKO (Attached) where we can plot Magnetic flux and Electric flux after we request Near Field, then in Post Feko we have to go to Near Field -> Quantities -> Electric/Magnetic Flux. But in my FEKO 2017 student edition I don't get the option o flux. Where am I going wrong ? You can go to slide 24 of attached ppt or have a look at it directly below. ATC2017_Recent_Developments_Johan.pdf
  4. Please let me know if I am going wrong somewhere. I have tried to simulate simple dipole and want to see the electric and magnetic flux. I am using FEKO 2017 student edition. I have requested Near Field in CADFEKO. Please have a look at the attached picture.