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  1. Hi, I mesh my model in Hypermesh. I first mesh surfaces and then use the tetrahedral option in 3D, and mesh my volume. Now My problem is that the numbers of elements and nodes, for surfaces and volume is not the same. is it possible the number for both be same? because I saw another model from my friend who meshed in another software, and all the surface and volume mesh has the same number.
  2. Thank you so much, it helped me alot, but what about the volume mesh which has vtu format?
  3. Yes it is triangle, and No, my mesh does not have middle point
  4. that surface is one of my surfaces.
  5. this is the surface and the volume mesh that i can see in paraview
  6. no there are tetrahedral. and I myself cannot find out the what rangemin is. I am asking my professor to answer me.
  7. I will attach some vtk file that you can easily open it in text file and paraview. . the vtu is volume and the vtp is one of my surfaces. volume.vtu surface_example.vtp
  8. what should I describe for you? I need a vtk files which I can easily open them in Paraview.
  9. Hi,I am going to work with Fenics to run my problems. Actually, we should have vtk format for my meshes to run Fenics. There is 2 formats for vtk, one is vtp where it is for surface mesh and another format is vtu for volume mesh. I need a code for exporting my mesh to this formats. And for every surface I need a vtp outcome. For example, if I have 10 surfaces, and one volume, I need a code to give me 11 files, 10 files for each surfaces, and 1 file for my volume. Does it make sense? I could pay for this code who want to write it.
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