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  1. I am able to connect hypermesh from python terminal through dde commands..and successfully able to pass commands to hypermesh . but when requesting [dde request], it is throwing error "remote server cant handle this command" .. request for help/guidance. @tinh Please help me.
  2. I have a 1D beam with nodes N1 and N2 known. Need to position the rigid patch (blue elements) perpendicular to D element as shown in image 2. The free node of rigid element inside the rigid patch will get equivalence to node N2 of beam. Kindly help in building the logic. @tinh
  3. In VBA, we have lot of error handling say like: On Error GoTo ErrorMsg --> Code Done: Exit Function Error Msg; - do in error case I sthere any similar way in TCL??
  4. Hi, *createmark lines 1 "by comp id" $compid not working. And is there a way/api to get most repeated line (size -length wise) in the CAD @tinh
  5. @tinh get closest nodes are not selecting the right node. This is because I have bracket in front but at bottom position. So, it selects closest node in front but misses the bracket as its away down. I need the node which touches first like a plane crossing
  6. Suppose I give input as global x-axis direction, I need the first node in same direction for the FE @tinh
  7. @Livil Lyle Thanks for your response. But I am pointing to CAD components
  8. What is the logic to be applied to do: 1. Find components if they have uniform or varying thickness 2. If sheet metal components given, give quickly their thickness
  9. I want to write a contents to a file which is opened. and it should append to it live!!! File writing at each instant should be read by user at the same time. Is it possibe?
  10. @tinh and zoom in zoom out is not recorded in command file. what to do?
  11. @tinh Thanks Tin, can you explain with code briefly, if possible. what is trigger proc and how to get updated view matrix alone each time
  12. Hi, I have to move, zoom in, zoom out my second hypermesh based on movement of mouse pointer in first hm screen. That is, the x,y,z in first hm sgould be replicated simulatanaeously in second hm. This is to compare two models. How can i code this. Pls help. Is it possible? @tinh Do you have any idea, or code?
  13. Hi @tinh, @Pandurang, @akitoguc & all, How to give right click edit option to each row. I checked the commands but didnt get or understand. Can you help by seeing the above code to explain how to add rightclick option.
  14. @tinh i have created a hwtk select list. whenever i click one row from description and curse over other rows, they are getting autoselected. How to avoid this. set ::OPTT_ASSIGN_GUI::sl [hwtk::selectlist $::OPTT_ASSIGN_GUI::f_main.visulization_frame.compvisulization_frame -stripes 1 -selectmode multiple -selectcommand "::OPTT_ASSIGN_GUI::OnSelect %W %S %c"]
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