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  1. Hi @tinh, @Pandurang, @akitoguc & all, How to give right click edit option to each row. I checked the commands but didnt get or understand. Can you help by seeing the above code to explain how to add rightclick option.
  2. @tinh i have created a hwtk select list. whenever i click one row from description and curse over other rows, they are getting autoselected. How to avoid this. set ::OPTT_ASSIGN_GUI::sl [hwtk::selectlist $::OPTT_ASSIGN_GUI::f_main.visulization_frame.compvisulization_frame -stripes 1 -selectmode multiple -selectcommand "::OPTT_ASSIGN_GUI::OnSelect %W %S %c"]
  3. Hi Tin, I am getting error on "$mnu delete 0 end" and I am getting error on : $mnu add command -label Rename @tinh Pls help
  4. How to get column description from row no in select list of hwtk. @tinh
  5. how to provide options to hwtk component table cell while right clicking a cell? @tinh Please help
  6. @tinh, will be helpful in plastic comps with full of ribs?
  7. @tinh how to "Unify comps with normal + (red outer)?"
  8. in review thickness, we just have to click the midsurface. Can u tell ma a similar code or how to extract that value directly? @tinh
  9. what is the code to get value of review thickness in midsurface option? @tinh
  10. @tinh i am using hm_triplecos function. what is happening is sometimes it gives +1 or -1 for opposite surfaces/parallel surfaces both. so, getting opposite surfaces in case of ribs fails in some areas. that is, it may get surface of nearby rib too in case of plastics. what to do?
  11. how to find Find nearest surface/surface which is normal to element normal? @tinh
  12. Yes issue solved. Thanks. please could you tell the reason for this error
  13. Hi i have deleted the folders. But, still problem exists.@Prakash Pagadala
  14. I have deleted all folders from working directory. What you mean by temp folder? and why this could have happened? @Prakash Pagadala