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  1. Got it @tinh. I have used *setvalue commands. Thanks for your support. I always appreciate for your helping nature. Hope to be in touch.
  2. i can do manually by editing on entity browser. But how to assign using tcl if i have the above mentioned details.
  3. @tinh I dont know. Please help me. What is the code for it? I have group name and its id. Moreover i have attribute name and value retrived using hm_ commands.
  4. How to assign all attributes to group if I have a dictionary of group name as key and value as "Attributes list names and corresponding attribute values"? @tinh
  5. what is the code to stop tk window form minimizing [Hiding] when i click on Hypermesh display screen. Please help urgent.
  6. I know how to get details from model browser which have components, materials etc. But how to get details from solver browser which have *contact, *MaTs etc. I want to get everything under contacts. what is the code for this.
  7. "hello.A at strain rate:=1000.235 per milli-second.1.3" Consider this string. I have to remove ".1.3" from last word of string and give whole string back. It should be generic. That is, from last word i have to remove every characters after "." [including "."]
  8. @tinh i have list of check box inside the frame. I have to make it scrollable.
  9. Can you modify this, so i create a subframe inside which is scrollable. @tinh
  10. Jouher

    Put Scroll in HM TK

    Can we use canvas in hyperworks tk. Please help me. can you give a sample code which can be executable. @tinh
  11. How to create scroll bar for check lists using HW TK. Please help. I want to create GUI with 100 check list but show only 10 checklist and i have to scroll. I need a canvas instead of dialog box. @tinh
  12. I have to put scroll in the frame using hm TK. currently, list is big but not displayed fully. please help. @tinh