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  1. how to find Find nearest surface/surface which is normal to element normal? @tinh
  2. Yes issue solved. Thanks. please could you tell the reason for this error
  3. Hi i have deleted the folders. But, still problem exists.@Prakash Pagadala
  4. I have deleted all folders from working directory. What you mean by temp folder? and why this could have happened? @Prakash Pagadala
  5. There is no display window while opening HM. This error message is thrown. pls help. @tinh
  6. Ple Clarify abt my second doubt. @tinh
  7. @tinh Passing list of all surfaceid to get closest surface makes code slow. Do you know any code without passing surface id list? Secondly, if its a single surface cad, then i will not get opposite surfaces, instead i get surfaces on same plane using closest surface. How to check this?
  8. I have an FE inside a CAD. for any FE element, I have to get opposite paired surfaces. Any solution? Pls help. @tinh @vipin
  9. I have "N" no. of CAD comps. There is no volume for any CAD. Some CADs may have cracks too. I need a method to get CADs of single surface. I have FE comps too associated with each CAD. Please provide a good solution. @tinh @vipin please check if you have a good solution. Thanks in advance.
  10. @tinh I have FE node, how to find nearest surface?
  11. I have n no. of CAD comps and same n no. of FE comps. By tcl, I have to find CAD near to FE.
  12. Got it @tinh. I have used *setvalue commands. Thanks for your support. I always appreciate for your helping nature. Hope to be in touch.
  13. i can do manually by editing on entity browser. But how to assign using tcl if i have the above mentioned details.