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  1. Dear, In my T01 file, I only have Global Variables entity. What I actually need is Node/Disp and RwallForce entities for my force/displacement plot. Is there any control card settings to request these entities? I have been looking into other tutorials but it seems like all these entities should be automatically requested? There's only Global Variables in my T01 file.. How it should show.. Thank you, Ken
  2. I'm trying to clean and delete all the unused input data for my GFEM model. It has been passed around different people and there are thousands of data being unused mainly in HyperBeam section. what would be the best way to delete all the unused cross section entities without checking individual components manually?
  3. In the HyperView, is there any way I can export the stress result contours to as a step file for color indications? I need this for my further topology optimization study..
  4. Hi Prakash, please share the example files with me. It's a bit hard to follow the document itself.
  5. Hi Prakash, did you mean to attach a link or pdf file? I'm not sure where I can find the periodic boundary conditions examples in Optistruct. Please help.
  6. Is there any example of periodic boundary condition for a cubic (Unit Cell)? As an example, bottom plane is fixed whereas top plane is -1% displacement, and result stress contours can be predicted for mesh or macro structures.
  7. High Prakash, Sorry for late reply. What do you mean by design and non-design space? My model is consist of 1D elements (PBEAM) with the cross section area (BOX: 50.8 x 25.4 x 5.0 x 5.0 mm). I have optimization responses of total mass, total displacement, and static stress. Displacement and stress were constrainted under the objective of minimizing the mass.
  8. I found out that my BCs are wrong for unit cell compression. With this BCs below, the high stress in the corner of cube was eliminated and the structure uniformly deformed as I allowed free translation on the side edges. Thank you for your help.
  9. Good morning Premanand, Thank you for your reference for the node connectivity. I used PSOLID for all properties as the model was 3d-tetrameshed. For materials, Carbon Fiber: E = 231000 MPa, NU = 0.2, RHO = 1.76e-009 & Epoxy: E = 3425 MPa, NU: 0.32, RHO: 1.25e-009. But please note that, due to this study includes dummy load for only convergence study, the geometry scale was left as default (milimeter) when it should be micrometer in reality scenario. So stress result values itself are not correct, but this is to only investigate the stress transfer between elements from different solids. And to help you understand more details, below is my BCs. 1. Top plane (RBE - compression load in -x axis on an independent node) 2. Bottom plane (SPC constraints - all nodes on the bottom plane) Thank you for your help.
  10. Thank you Prakash. Please let me know. Have a great week.
  11. In addition, I ran a dummy analysis to study mesh convergence. As you can see below, significant changes in stress between elements from matrix to carbon fiber can be seen below (1.5 MPa to 240.4 MPa from blue to red element). Shouldn't it change smoothly? Not like this crazy changes. This is my initial run so mesh is real fine, so I don't believe it's due to element quality errors. Also, I made sure all the nodes were connected and all the duplicated nodes were assigned for equivalent. Not sure why it's like this? My BCs are pretty simple: Top plane (RBE - compression load in -x axis on an independent node) and bottom plane (SPC constraints). Please help me understanding this drastic stress transfer.
  12. Hi Premanand, You sir are the best. Thank you very much. I was able to create mesh on the circles both sides like below. And then I copied the inner cylinder part of the matrix, copy the elements on that surface and assign it to the carbon fiber as below. I made sure they share same nodes as well (In the end I made them equivalent). Later on I was able to assign the tetramesh on the part (masked view). So I believe I was able to connect the nodes from one solid (matrix) to another (carbon fiber). But for last clarification, all the unit cell study has to have the node connection between different solids? Is it always the case? Please help me understanding.. Have a great weekend and hope to talk with you on Monday.
  13. I'm currently trying an imprint option that I can select the source/destination. I've tried source as the blue circles, destination as the grey, and remain the destination, also vice versa. But it's giving me an error of Input elements must be of the same order. What does this mean? And how can I proceed this method? Or is there any other more efficient ways?
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