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  1. prashanth131747

    Body fixing

    I want to fix the body to the ground.How can I fix the body to the ground in motion solve?
  2. prashanth131747


    I want to do the mixing of cold and hot water simulation through the pipe in Acuconsol.I gave all inputs to the problem.When I run the simulation it shows an error that array not provided.What is that error and how can I resolve that error?Plese, give some suggestions.
  3. prashanth131747

    Hypermesh boundary layer mesh repair

    Could you please explain the procedure which was mentioned below.I don't know how can I create a volume mesh in Hypermesh for CFD.
  4. prashanth131747

    Hypermesh boundary layer mesh repair

    Thank you so much for your reply.
  5. prashanth131747

    Hypermesh boundary layer mesh repair

    I prepared the CFD mesh and checked the quality.When I checked the 3d mesh quality it shows the total boundary layer 3d elements as failed elements.Is it possible to do the mesh with the above-given procedure?
  6. prashanth131747

    Hypermesh boundary layer mesh repair

    I have registered for the Altair optimization contest.In that, they gave guidelines on meshing.I attached the image of meshing guidelines please take a look.
  7. Please tell me, How can I repair the boundary layer mesh with the following quality criteria. 1.Aspect ratio <5 2.skew <60 3.tet collapse <1
  8. prashanth131747

    CFD mesh

    I created CFD tetra mesh with boundary layer mesh option.When I check the quality of tetra mesh, it shows total boundary layer mesh as a failed mesh. If you don't mind could you tell, how can I create the volume mesh in Hypermesh for CFD problems?
  9. prashanth131747

    mesh generation

    How can I create the volume mesh for CFD problems in Hypermesh?
  10. prashanth131747

    CFD mesh

    I have created a mesh by using CFD tetra mesh option in Hypermesh.I want the following quality index for the 3d mesh. 1.Aspect ratio <5 2.tetcollapse<1 3.skew<60 4.Max equi skewness <60 When I check Aspect ratio for 3d mesh, it shows the total boundary layer mesh as failed elements.What should I do to get rid of this problem? If elements failed with given quality criteria, How can I repair those elements (CFD tetramesh).
  11. prashanth131747

    mesh guidance

    I am working on Acusolve.Shall I use CFD tetra mesh for Acusolve for simple velocity inlet and pressure outlet problem?
  12. prashanth131747

    mesh guidance

    Which type of mesh method is better to do a CFD analysis.Shall we generate a tetra mesh for CFD problems, If not which type of mesh is better to use?
  13. prashanth131747

    Mesh problem

    I want to create CFD tetra mesh for Acusolve.When I click on the CFD tetra mesh it shows a message that the mesh is not closed.What is that mean anybody can explain it.
  14. prashanth131747


    Thank you very much for your reply
  15. prashanth131747


    I have done Bowling simulation with the help of Radioss.I have solved the model without error.When I saw the results, the pins were going down without the contact of the ball. I don't know either it is due to gravity load or not? I attached the animation file below.Please give suggestions, if you find the problem. ball pin.avi