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  1. M. Lamzoughi

    non-convergence by nonlinear-quasi-static Analysis

    Hello Prakash, thank you so much for you response. Attached you find *.out files form converged and non-converged runs. Best regards M. Lamzoughi Netz_0-03_non_conver.out Netz_0-05.out
  2. Hello everybody, I’m running a nonlinear-quasi-static analysis with OptiStruct and I have got some troubles with convergence. What I exactly did is, running the same analysis for the same model but with different element sizes and when I mesh with very small size othewise by small size elements I get that problem with non convergence. My model is built of 2 parts, the first one is fixed from one side and the other one presses the first part through radial and axial forces, between those parts I've built a contact. (see the following figure) You find attached an Excel-file where some results are showed, so you can get a good idea about. It would be kind of you if you could help me to solve this problem. Thank you in advance Best Regards M. Lamzoughi comparison.xlsx
  3. M. Lamzoughi

    Impact Analysis With RADIOSS

    Dear Altair team, The fact is that I'm about to execute an academic project as Quasi-Static-Analysis with RADIOSS, so I've got several problems due to my level of beginner in that field and also to the complexity of that mechanism; for this reason I'm writing on this forum in the hope to find some answers to my questions. Firstly I would like to know how to define the impact force between two solids (impactor+head) and as a consequence the path of the energy flowing through the mechanism? The second point is how to create a pre-stress in a bolt? P.S.: I've attached a file with a picture, which shows the form and the components of the mechanism. Thank you so much in advance. Best Regards Lamzoughi Infos.doc