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  1. I am not using any new files for the project, it is the one that we get as an example in Altair Flux. The very first, BPM Motor.
  2. Hello, I am new to this solver and trying to follow the tutorial video on Altair Flux YouTube channel. The video name is: Vibro acoustic coupling to LMS Virtual Lab. I have reached the last part where the solver shows me an error, where it cannot execute solving of Forced Computaation. The message is as follows: evaluateInstances : Execution failed. Failed execution Failed to create a new instance of Force computation. Can not execute the following command : lastInstance = SurfaceForcesComputation(Name='ForcesComputation', Interval=EvolutivePath(parameterSet=[SetParameterXVariable(paramEvol=VariationParameter['ANGPOS_ROTOR'], limitMin=9.54, limitMax=10.0)]), ComputeHarmonics='NoHarmonics', ComputationSupport=ForcesSupport['FORCESCOMPSUPPORT']) Please help me what to perfrom next?
  3. Abhi05


    I am looking out for help in learning how to use the Rad2Noise tool, particularly Acoustic Option, if there is some tutorial available or any kind of help, I would like to learn it a.s.a.p.
  4. @Prakash Pagadala, Can this be done in Hypermesh-2017 version or it requires any other latest version? Also, can this be carried out in Student license?
  5. @Prakash Pagadala, Did you check the new file??
  6. @Prakash Pagadala, The ball remaining stationery in your model has not changed but in my new model, I have changed a few things, however, there is one slight error that still exists. I have shared it via FTP, could you please check?
  7. @Prakash Pagadala, I did not receive any model file..
  8. @Prakash Pagadala, Did you find something?
  9. @Prakash Pagadala, I've sent you my model and the querry via FTP link, Please look into it and please help me for any possibility.
  10. @Prakash Pagadala, I tries converting the impact of ball into numerical values and assigned equivalent force on the plate, it generates some favorable results, which I shall confirm more. If you can help me understand solution for the above quoted query, then maybe I can figure out a solution to my problem. I need to understand assigning, ACSRCE, CAABSF and PAABSF
  11. @Prakash Pagadala, So for this I think we need to remove the ball and convert it's impacting status to values and generating a force of equivalent magnitude on the plate and then generate the frequency response analysis??
  12. @Prakash Pagadala, I am waiting for your answer, Is Optistruct capable enough to perform my required analysis??
  13. @Prakash Pagadala Did you find any solution??
  14. @Prakash Pagadala, This is results that I can see..
  15. @Prakash Pagadala I increased the ball velocity still it does not move, rather it vibrates in its own location, I think that you have introduced a Frequency excitation load too as far as I understand. (Because we do not need an excitation, we need a simple phenomenon where the ball hits and produces sound..)
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