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  1. A batch files can be used to automate any number of simulation runs. If anyone requires how to create .bat files follow this simple steps 1.Open notepad. 2.Type whatever commands you need to run 3.Save the files as Name_what_you_want.bat 4.Double click the Name_what_you_want.bat. Whatever commands you've given, it'll start executing one by one.
  2. Hello Mr. Futter, As you suggested, I viewed the currents in dB and the results are better than I expected and I have to thank you for that. The realised gain graph in dB, of course, has been attached. Can you please elaborate more on S11? Thank you very much, Mr. Futter.
  3. Yay!! I got the results and reflection coefficients values are very good, even though it took more or less 2 hours.. My problem is that current flow is very less which is affecting the realised gain of the antenna. I'm uploading the video which shows the current distribution in the patch. Please do watch and provide your valuable ideas and suggestions. POSTFEKO_v14.0.410_-_Structure_6_02-03-2018_08_55_22_AM.mp4
  4. Hello Mr.Futter, Your suggestions are certainly very helpful and I'm running those simulations now. I'll post the results as soon as the simulation completes.
  5. Hello JIF, Yes, I created a model from a paper and trying to reproduce the results. I created wire port for feeding. I will now add the reference paper as well as the model now. Please find the attached files here. The model has not yet been completely but it should be enough to know the results. zhang2016.pdf Structure_6.cfx
  6. I have designed a patch antenna which is operated using proximity feed. After running, in POSTFEKO the realised gain was very low despite "good" gain values. When I checked the current activity using Currents requests, I found out that only a little current is induced in the patch. I'm running FEKO 14. I have no idea what's wrong. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
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