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  1. Hi George, Thank you very much, the model is running as I wanted ! Nevertheless, I've another question. How is it possible to orientate each surface of the model independently ? Thanks for your support Raphael
  2. Hi George, I tried with Type 7 and Type 24, and it still doesn't work. When I start the calculation, I always have a warning regarding initial penetration. Also, please find attached the concerned model. Thank you for your help Crash_box_Equiv_V1_(3).hm
  3. I'll try right now this kind of interface. Do I have to try with the same parameters than Type 7 ?
  4. Hi George, Yes I'm using a type 7 interface with recommended parameters : Istf=4 IGap=2 INACTI=6 Fric=0.1 Gapmin=0.1 So, do you mean that I've to increase GapMin parameter? How can I determine the good value ? I'm especially trying to stimulate this object impacting a rigid walk. I built this model using only 1 component, and I want to model the contact of this component itself. Am I in the good way ? Thanks Raphael
  5. Hi all, I'm performing a dynamic simulation using RADIOSS solver. I'm creating this kind of model : I used a COMPSH material law and an SH_ORTH property in order to model an "equivalent material", with a 4 mm thickness. When I run the analysis, I've issues regarding penetrations in my model. Nevertheless, when I want to fix them using the Penetration Check tool, elems are totaly deformed. Could you please help me with this model ? Best regards, Raphael
  6. Hi all, I want to control directions of my composites on differents faces. Then, I created as much vectors collectors as I have differents orientations on my component. But when I "project" one vector on the elems face, then I do the same thing for another face, my elems will all have the direction given by the last vector projected. I don't know how to fix this issue in order to have different orientation according to the face. Thanks for your help
  7. Hi Georges, No I only have a P17_STACK property in my model. I've got 8 plies, 1 associated laminate then a stack property. I tried running with those values assigned to the reference vector, but I still not working. Do you have any other idea ?
  8. Hi all, I'm facing a problem I can't fix. When I want to perform my dynamic analysis, I get 8769 errors like below : ERROR ID: 197 REFERENCE DIRECTION IS ALMOST NORMAL TO SHELL ID=54115 Could you please help me to fix it ? For confidential issues, I can't illustrate my model... Best regards, Raphael
  9. Hi George, I checked quality of elements and there are okay. Also, I just have only one component, so I don't have any penetration. I heard about AMS method, I'm running it but I don't know what's different compared to an non AMS model ? It there an other way to run the model without using AMS ? Please find attached the .hm file. Best regards, Raphael Test_Poutre_Impact_9_85_V2.hm
  10. Hi Georges, I've reached to deal with mass error so far. Now, I've a new error when I want to compute this high speed test. **ERROR : TIME STEP LESS OR EQUAL ZERO I don't have any contact interface. How can I deal with it ? Thanks for your help Raphael
  11. Hi Georges, Whaat do you mean by selecting all the nodes of the beam ? The impact is located on the midlle of the beam.
  12. Hi Georges, Thanks for your help. How can I fix the problem ? I really have to compute the model with this mass and velocity.
  13. Hi Georges, I reduce the Tmin as you mentioned, but I still have a DM/M=1.71 since the first step. Then, I've got error code 207, RUN KILLED TOTAL MASS ERROR LIMIT REACHED DM/M = 1.58e+259 Please find attached the .hm file concerned. Raphael Test_Poutre_Impact_9_85_V1.hm
  14. Hi @George P Johnson, I placed some BCs on the beam in order to get the flexion and it works. Nevertheless, I can't raise the velocity of the RWALL without having errors with mass. I already compute the flexion with a 10 mm/s velocity, but now I want to change the velocity to 9150 mm/s. How can I do this without errors ? Thanks for your help, Raphael
  15. Hi, Thanks for your support guys, it works perfectly ! Raphael
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