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  1. Hello @Adriano A. Koga, I can not find any option to create a rotating motion in the user profile. The simulation I am going for is similar to two gear wheels turning in opposite directions. Am I able to do this with hypermesh? Thank you in advance KBE
  2. Hello, I need to know if it is possible to simulate tools that rotation in opposite directions to form a blank (see attached image for a visual explanation). Note: In green is the blank which is the profile of a cylinder. Thank you in advance KBE
  3. Hello, I have a blank of which the thickness varies in different sections of it (see attached image). Green represents the shell, black the thickness variation and dotted line is the rotation axis as this image shows the profile of a cylinder. I need to know if we can define the different thickness values according to the section on hyperform as a shell. Thank you in advance KBE
  4. Hello, I am currently trying to run a stamping simulation on Hyperform, but when I run the calculation on RADIOSS, I have a problem with the material card. When I use the S420MC card, RADIOSS wont launch the calculation but when I change the material to DP600, it works. I looked at both material cards and I dont see any difference other that the curve values. Please see the error messages below. I have also attached the two material cards for your reference. I need my blank to be in S420MC. Thank you in advance - Kaushely DP600_Arcelor.rad S420MC_tata_steel.rad
  5. Hello, No I did not get any errors and the run completed successfully. I just did not get the sta.hmx files after the calculation was complete. Unfortunately, I can not share the .out file due to confidentiality.
  6. hello Prakash, The version i am using is Hyperworks 17. Infact, these files were available for my earlier calculations but for some odd reason, it doesn't work with the model I am working on currently.
  7. Hello, I have launched a calculation on the radioss solver where I am only getting an .sta file and I need the sta.hmx files to continue with the rest of my calculations. Am I missing some sort of data input in my settings? Thank you in advance
  8. Hello, For any of you who might still be facing this issue, and who is working with a solid, simply delete the 2D elements (QUAD4 and TRIA3) and run the calculation. It worked for me.
  9. Hello, On hyperform, I am having the following error while trying to launch a calculation using a blank that is solid and two tools that are just surfaces. I have defined that the blank is a solid and I have tried defining the contacts as well, but I am still getting this error. Can someone please explain why that is? Thank you
  10. Hello Premanand, Actually, I was shown how to do so a long time back, but I can't remember. Maybe it wasn't on hyperview. Is there a way to view the results of a surface defined with a thickness? I have a plate that deforms and need to view the results in 3D. Thank you
  11. Hello, I have a 2D file with a defined thickness of 7mm done on hyperform. After having run the calculation, I would like to view the results in 3D on hyperview but I can not find the button to do so. Can someone please tell me where to find this button? Thank you
  12. hi @Prakash Pagadala I just checked in on my calculation and it has completed perfectly, without errors. thank you for your help kind regards, KBE
  13. @Prakash Pagadala, yeah this calculation might take some time.
  14. yes.. i just launched the calculation with out-of-core. this might take some time. the problem with the memory space seems to be ok.
  15. should I run with out-of-core instead of in-core? Current Memory (RAM) : 16000 MB (Note: MUMPS Solver Allocates Memory Separately.) Estimated Minimum Memory (RAM) for Out of Core Solution : 15032 MB Recommended Memory (RAM) for Out of Core Solution : 15372 MB Recommended Memory (RAM) for In-Core Solution : 23951 MB (Note: Memory for MUMPS Solver is Included in Estimation.) DISK SPACE ESTIMATION INFORMATION : ----------------------------------- Estimated Disk Space for Output Data Files : 556 MB Estimated Scratch Disk Space for In-Core Solution : 584 MB Estimated Scratch Disk Space for Out of Core Solution : 9163 MB
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