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  1. I managed to Reanalyse the model with Post->OSSmooth->FEA-Analysis. However I wasnt able to start the calculation because hypermesh is writing the error shown below. Any suggestions how I could fix this Problem? Thank you.
  2. Hello Guys, I want to reanalyse my results from a topology optimization. As the part has thick walls, I don`t want to calculate with a surface-mesh. Is it possible to do a reanalysis with solid-mesh? (If yes - how?) Thank you Cheers
  3. Hello, I did a topology optimization in optistruct and let it run over night. Unfortunately it stopped after 9 Iterations and the result is not yet satisfying. Is it possible to continue the Iteration process at Iteration 9 or do I have to completely restart the compution? Thank you in advance. Cheers
  4. Hey Guys, I want to do a topology optimization. To create the optimization constraint <tilting < upper bound>, I have to have a optimization response with the angle of a specific component face. Do you have an idea how I could do it? Thank you in advance Cheers
  5. Thank you Sanjay! It worked... I just deleted hmsettings.tcl, hmmenu.set and command.cmf. also hwsettings.xml and emptied my temp folder and it fixed the Problem :-) CHEERS!
  6. Hey there, since a while my Panel is cut off at the side (see screenshot - on the bottom right). Restarting the Programm / PC didn't help. Deactivating Panels in "View" and reactivating neither. Does someone know this problem and could help me with it? Thank's in advance! Cheers
  7. Thank you very much Q.Nguyen-Dai :-)
  8. First of all, sorry if I added this question not according to the official Terms of use. It´s my first question... The problem itself is quite easy to solve i quess. I want to create a 2D mesh that is more coarse in one direction than in the other. In my case I want to have only 3 sections in the y-direction and very fine sections in x-direction. I created the geometry by first connecting 2 nodes with a linear line. Then I created a Surface by dragging along a vector. The mesh was then created by AutoMesh. Thanks in adcvance! Cheers
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