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  1. Thanks George, I have done the same and run the analysis. When I view the OBD file in Hyper view, I couldn't find vector result in the Results option. what is going wrong there? Thanks.
  2. Thanks George, What should I enter in the contact output data line for getting the contact force vector on the master surface?
  3. It would be great if someone could just explain me how to properly define the contact output in this case. I feel I am making a mistake there..
  4. Hello George, Thanks for the responses, could you enlighten me with steps to correctly define the output block for contact forces in this case. I have tried but I feel that I am getting it wrong. I need to find the contact force vector between the components. I have defined a Tie contact here. Thanks in advance. Awaiting the response.
  5. I've been recently working on a Knee joint model . I need to find the contact force vector between two particular components. I have been getting a lot of errors and unable to run the model. All the contact pairs and properly defined and I am able to generate all typical outputs except for contact output. please help me out. The output blocks defined so far are node and element outputs for all 8 components defined. Thanks in advance!
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