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  1. Dear Dr. Voigt, Thank you for your kind reply. I entered history in FEKO since 2012, I forgot that e mail. Adding this option will be an exceptional addition to the value of FEKO in the metamaterial world. Thank you and best regard.
  2. Hi Dr. Torben, Thank you for your kind reply. I ran the model, however, the problem that I am seeking is an eignevalue problem and the geometry is not the FSS you have used. The geometry is a grounded substrate with a via and conducting patch on top. Then the natural modes are usually found from an eigen mode solver after adding an air layer and PML. There is a lengthy procedure to follow by varying the phase among three periodic axes called Brillouin zone (from solid state physics). The final results are represented by a dispersion diagram frequency versus phase for a number (usually three) for TM and TE modes. I have searched the literature on FEKO and dispersion diagram and did not find results reported using FEKO. Currently, Lumerical, CST (application note attached), and HFSS have separate eignemode solver to perform such calculations. Therefore, I wonder if you can solve this problem using FEKO? Thank you and best regards Dispersion_diagram_Appn_Note.pdf
  3. Hi Dr. Torben, Thank you for your kind response. I will run the model an update you, Best regards
  4. Hi, I am trying to introduce to my students on how FEKO is used to simulate the dispersion diagram of the well-known unit mushroom cell developed by Sievenpipper as reported in Fig. 10 of attached paper. Results from CST is attached for reference. I wonder if Altair have any such model model or tutorial with procedure outlined for such an application. Thank you and best regards Hi_imp_sievenpiper.pdf Sievenpiper_modes.bmp
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