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  1. Hi All, I have a cylindrical model in which there are nodes present at the center of each axial location. Is there a way to filter center nodes from whole set of nodes available in the model? Imagine, I have no inputs or reference to find the center node available in the hm session? When my tool is opened, I wanted to collect all the center nodes available in the model. Please suggest me a way to achieve this... Regards Gopal
  2. Hi Tinh, I was able to do the transformation using the command suggested by you. First I got global x, y z using below commands set ngx [hm_getentityvalue nodes $node globalx 0] set ngy [hm_getentityvalue nodes $node globaly 0] set ngz [hm_getentityvalue nodes $node globalz 0] Then used the below command for getting coordinate with respect to local system id of need. set xnode [hm_xpointlocal $n_systemId $ngx $ngy $ngz] set znode [hm_zpointlocal $n_systemId $ngx $ngy $ngz] It is working perfectly.. Thanks for your valuable suggestion.It saved a lot of time for me. Regards Gopal
  3. Hi all, I have a node , say 659801 and I have coordinates as (138, 150 ,0) and coordinate system id =345 Now, I want the above coordinates with respect to some other coordinate system say, 400. I am not able to locate HM-APIs which does this transformation? Please suggest me a way or API to do this transformation of coordinates.. Regards Gopal
  4. Hi tinh, Thanks for your suggestion. Regards Gopal
  5. Hi All, I have x, y ,z coordinates and I have system ID also. Eg: {0 0 25} and system ID :658001 Suppose, a node is present in the model at the above location, How to get the node ID using HM APIs? Note :hm_closest node is not working for me. Regards Gopal
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