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  1. Brilliant! Very simple, It works, thank you a lot!
  2. Hi All, i' m starting using Acusolve, so looking the first tutorial on the mixing elbow, i've found some problem. I have seen differences between my results and the results on PDF file tutorial as shown below: Something doesn't work, Maybe I've made mistake on parameters, or consulting results. Please could help me? In attached the model files (database, mesh files, etc..). thank you ACU2000_MixingElbow.zip
  3. Ok, It's clear, so, in other words, it 's impossible to change stiffness matrix in a single run , specially in linear static. The only way is to create a bach file on windows to run consecutively two "master". Do you know the command line, for Optistruct, to start a sequential run and not a parallel? (I knew for Nastran there were two different command for sequential and parallel run execution)
  4. Hi All, I'm trying to set 2 load cases (static) using include files. The aim is to apply 2 loads on the same object (or a part) in two different positions. The scheme is as follow: I can create include files, one for each position, I can't manage these files for each load case. Is there a manual for this or can you explain how to do it? thank you
  5. It seems to be similar than that one I have (see in attached) The problem is about the launch of the three files that I obtain from the tutorial. It is not clear how to solve this. RD-3160.pdf
  6. Hello all, I'm starting praticing on Radioss/Hypercrash by using Altair tutorial. Particularly now, I'm doing this: Tutorial doesn't explain how to launch the analysis, so I went to the help on line I tried to follow the instructions of the "manual method", but it doesn't work. May be I'm wrong typing something. I browsed in the directory: the directory is with in the files: So I tried to "lounch starter for each domain": I press enter and the answer is: Translating from Italian "'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file" Please can you help me? Thank you Franz
  7. The other given material properties values are: I had to suppose 0.35 as poisson ratio, that is missing as you can see. I tried to use MATS1, as you suggest, with "non-linear quasi-static" as analisys type. In this forum, I've seen in other similar topic, so on that base: I have created a stress-stain curve as TABLES1, so that curve is the TID for MATS1. In MATS1 card I have choosen "PLASTIC" as Type and "0" as TYPSTRN. In order to create the curve I had to modify the experimental curve to avoiding negative slope or increasing slope (else I obtained erros during the model RUN) So the curve I could use is the green one in the follow graph: I think this is the simpiest way to execute the analisys by an implicit code. Do you think it is correct? I think material supplyer omitted the poisson ratio, because he gives tranversal values, are there a way to implement these values? I hope I didn't make mistakes and the explanation shoul be clear thank you
  8. Ok it works editing the text like this (it is the .CSV format): from 0.0 0.0 0.002006061 0.673387932 0.002808831 0.930662013 0.003612228 0.166853182 ..... to 0.0,0.0 0.002006061,0.673387932 0.002808831,0.930662013 0.003612228,0.166853182 ..... Using the comma instead the space thank you
  9. Hello, on your opinion, what kind of material formulation could be the best for the material described by the attached graph? Considering we want to apply on the structure a static load case and the material is a Thermoplastic Polymer. I'm using Optistruct solver thank you
  10. Hello, I'm trying using the utility for Optistruct, but checking the table imported I see only two columns of zeros values (dimension of arrays is right ). In attacched the imported file, is it correct as format? Thank you pp_pe_td15_SEAT_semplificato_110grad_cent.txt
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