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  1. I have a problem with min max optimization. the geometry optimized with max. stiffness but the same geometry with the same boundary condition cannot optimized with min mass No Shape Created Loads were insufficient to return a result. Check that realistic loads are applied to the model.
  2. Hi Felix, Thanks a lot for your quick Support. Can you please share the st mod file to me that you ran with the right way to put the stamping conditions. And I dont understand how to choose the Minimum thickness.The model you see is actually that of a Rear Axle for a car(design space) I actually have 10 more load cases that I Need to introduce.So if I get this one running I can work further.Struck here for 1 day.
  3. I am now able to run the Simulation and it turns green showing completed Status. But I am unable to view the results,it Shows a message that Insufficient loads or realstic loads are not applied. Can you please help me run this model. I want to minimize the mass,maximize frequencies with Stamping constraint and casting constraint Using Aluminium and then using Steel testing9.stmod
  4. I am new to Inspire,I just downloaded the Trial version yesterday.I set up an simple model with some load cases and tried to optimize it for stiffness. I get the message that "unable to run"Optimization error. I checked the Progress log file.As shown below. Can you please tell me what mistake am I doing.I just created a non design space as a cylindrical holes in the model with a boss.I dont understand where is the contact Issue.I checked using the contacts and every non design space is shown as blue # -------------------- Progress Tracker -------------------- hwfdmfeprocessor process id = 1560 # Opening Model # Model opened successfully Client = Inspire 18.0 9508 Name = FINAL1 Max Stiffness Mass 30% (6) ModelName = Model stmodOffsetId = 2 # RunType: OPTIRUN_ANALYSIS = 1, OPTIRUN_TOPOLOGY = 2, OPTIRUN_TOPOGRAPHY = 4, OPTIRUN_SHAPE = 8, OPTIRUN_GAUGE = 16, OSSMOOTH_REANALYSIS = 128 RunType = 2 # Using CAE_HOME='C:/Program Files/Inspire/2018/unity/bin/win64/' RUN_STATE = 1 ## Run started RUN_STATE = 3 ## Generating fresh mesh/Using old mesh #--------Generating fresh Mesh RUN_STATE = 7 ## Meshing completed successfully RUN_STATE = 15 ## Realizing model #--------Unable to realize contact (Contact 8) as UdbSet for Secondary features can not be created #--------Unable to realize # Error - Unable to ralize synthesis data RUN_STATE = 1039 ## Done # --------------------- END -----------------------
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